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Many homeowners have long thought that once you commit to siding, you are stuck with the color and look of your home for the life of the siding. Not so! Both vinyl and aluminum siding can be successfully painted with the help of a professional with experience in this area. Our pros are specially trained in providing this service. Using our services ensures you will be helped through the process and left with a beautiful and lasting finish.

To create a lasting finish on vinyl or aluminum siding, proper preparation and coatings are crucial. The steps may include:

1 Power Wash

The siding must first be cleaned of any dirt, debris or mold. When we power wash, aluminum may result in some chalkiness, which is to be expected.

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2 Prep

Preparing the siding allows the new coating to properly adhere to the substrate. This includes addressing any repairs and putting down drop cloths and tape to prevent overspray.

3 Paint

After preparations are completed, our crew will apply only premium-quality paints to your siding for a uniform finish.

vinyl and aluminum siding paint contractors

4 Clean

After work is done, the team will clean up around the area. This includes collecting any debris and paint chips that have been removed.

Aluminum siding painting

5 Inspect

Finally, our site lead will inspect the job, then do a complete walk through with you. This is to give you the chance to review the work and provide initial feedback.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Here are some projects we have painted on siding in the Castle Rock area.

Periwinkle Siding

Periwinkle Siding

Exterior Siding Painting

Exterior Siding Painting

Blue Siding

Blue Siding

Yellow Siding

Yellow Siding

Trust us to Paint your Home’s Siding to Perfection

Working with professionals means you have experts by your side. Choosing the appropriate colors is key to a successful and lasting outcome. If your siding is dark in color, you should pick a similar dark color. For example, if it’s burgundy now, opt for navy or deep gray. The same is true for light colors. CertaPro Painters is happy to offer color choice help before your siding painting project.

Let’s protect and beautify your home’s siding!

Let our team take on your siding project while you enjoy your time. CertaPro Painters can add new life to your home’s vinyl or aluminum siding exterior.

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