Painting Your Home Office: Colors for Productivity

Posted on December 16, 2022

Creating a space for you to be productive is the key to a happy working at home life. You may not have put much thought into your home office in Castle Rock, but now is the time to give yourself the office of your dreams. Never underestimate the power a color can have on the feeling of a room. Paint is the easiest way to create a sense of productivity and focus. Studies have shown that particular colors stimulate your brain and other hues can help with calming effects. This is why it’s important to make a color choice for your home office with information on the uses of colors.

To inspire your color choices, our home office painters have told us their favorites. From calming browns to stimulating yellows and more, these pigments will help create your perfect work environment. From our home office painters, here are the best colors for your home office.

Blue: Focus and Productivity

There is a reason most social media platforms use blue for their main color. It helps you stay focused, no matter what the task you are doing. This color is popular for fields like accounting where similar tasks are required over and over again. Blue also offers a sense of calm. If you are feeling a lot of anxiety or stress in your home office, blue might be the color for you.

Green: Calmness and Balance

The color green isn’t all about money (though it isn’t void from it either). It offers a sense of calmness, of balance, and can even foster feelings of freshness and prosperity. This color is especially great if you find yourself missing the outside world. People that require an extra load of seriousness and calmness while working can prosper in a green office. Lawyers and editors may specifically enjoy this color.

Yellow: Creativity and Happiness

As we all know, yellow is the color of happiness. However, it can also increase positivity, creativity, and mental activity overall. This color is great if you work in a field that requires a lot of creative thought, such as writing or marketing. If four walls of yellow may seem like a lot, consider an accent wall or some yellow furniture.

Red: Passion and Stimulation

Red is one of the least popular choices for an office space. It evokes a sense of urgency and can increase energy levels. For a desk job, this might not be the best for you. Other positions, however, such as online instructors or fitness professionals may benefit from this color scheme. You don’t need a lot of red paint to get the job done, but an accent wall of a deeper color can be beautiful. A flower vase or red flowers can also get the job done.

Paint Your Home Office with CertaPro Painters®

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