Best Scents for your Home

A well-scented home is like the cherry on top to a nicely decorated home. It takes the atmosphere to the next level. The smell of sense is closely linked to memory, smelling something from our childhood could bring us right back to that time. This is why having a nice smelling house can go a long way. You and your loved ones will associate that smell with the nice times you had together there. Here are some tips on how to keep your home smelling its best.

Choose candles that you think smell too strong. If they smell too strong unlit, they will work perfectly when once you light them. Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works have some of the best ones.

Candles are a good option but not the only option. Candles help but there are some more effective methods. Also, a lot of people don’t like having candles if they have small children or pets running around. Linen sprays work well for your couch or bed, and essentials oils work well in small spaces. Incense and room sprays right before guests come over work well.
Create your own personal house scent. This can be one scent or multiple. Multiple are better because this way you make a mix that is personal to your home and no else’s will smell exactly like it. A good tip is to mix both masculine and feminine homes. Contrasts always work well.
Don’t go overboard on the fruity smells. Woodsy sense tends to do well. Spice, smoke and toasty smells make your place smell more elegant.

No matter which of these tips you do, none of them will work if you are just masking other odors. Here are some things to make sure aren’t lying around:

Towels – If your bathroom is tiny and not well ventilated, bacteria and mildew will thrive. Try keeping the towels out of the bathroom or throwing them into the hamper once you are finished.

Cat litter – Change the litterbox as frequently as possible.

Cooking – After cooking turn on a fan and open a window.