Neutrals That Don’t Feel Bland

Everything about the term neutral is just boring. The idea of choosing a neutral paint is a total turn off. Why would you want anything about you, or your home, to be blah?

Here are some ways to use neutrals that don’t feel bland.

Combine neutrals

Since neutrals are easy to work with and match nearly anything, it’s a simple proposition to mix the neutrals together. Gray, cream, beige and black as a color pallette reads stylish while working with any furniture or accessories in your room.

Neutral and Grey

Choose any neutral and mix in gray for a muted and earthy feel. Gray is the newest to the neutral family and reads as updated and fresh. Use cream or brown with it and the combination will be a winner. With this kind of understated scheme, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and color blocking.


Entryways set the tone for your home for visitors. Don’t feel the need to overwhelm their eyes first thing. Use a pattern of neutrals for a sense of style without an assault on the eyes. Repeat the colors in rugs, runners, wallpaper, textures and art for a truly pulled together look.

One way to achieve this is to start with a piece of furniture in an earth tone. Consider an entry table or dramatic wingback chair. Work the other colors around the item with pints, accents and more. The combination is eye catching without being eye popping.

The entryway is a good place to set off a bold, oversized piece of art. Use the neutral shades to allow the art to take center stage.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are a good place to use neutrals with a single pop of color. Choose the majority of your room from the neutral options and go with one color to liven up the room. It doesn’t need to be a neutral option, since these colors will go with anything. It’s a fun addition to the room.

Another way to create drama in a more plain living room is through dramatic lighting. Artistic sconces or a beautiful chandelier can take center stage in a neutral backdrop.


Neutral kitchens are very on trend. Stark white has been a staple for years, but to update the look, go for a completely stark white monotone look. Keep in mind, if you have a messy family, this look could give you headaches with stains.

If you are of the opinion that white kitchens can feel medical, avoid the sterile feel by incorporating textures with tile, steel, wood and waterfall glass. Plain kitchens can be fun to decorate and change often, with new textiles, stools or cushions.

Dining Room

Dining rooms tend to be home to large furniture that can feel overwhelming. Use color to bring the mood of the area up. Choose warm lighting and soft colors, then add fresh flowers to bring life in.

Remember, neutral doesn’t mean no colors. Professionals suggest using colors just outside of the neutrals for your dining room. The most popular choice is pale yellow, bringing natural warmth into the room without overpowering it.


A neutral bedroom brings you a calming effect to rest in. Match the neutrals of choice with natural elements for a peaceful room with rustic charm. If you want to be more style forward, add block color patterns to an accent wall. Use colors that are a step up and down from the main color choice.


Many bathrooms are white. It’s the easiest color to work with when you are dealing with harsh chemicals and big messes. Moving from white to beige or cream can take the medical and sterile feel from the room and turn it into a warm retreat. Get really fresh and go gray, bringing the newest neutral in. Add a plant for greenery. It will match because it’s natural making it a neutral.

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