27 April 2020

4 Home Exterior Paint Projects To Consider This Spring

Spring cleaning has taken over most of our lives here in Carlsbad. Scrubbing and prepping for summer is in full effect. Now that the inside is spic and span, you expect the outside to be the same. Not the case. A long, harsh winter has taken a toll on your house. If you found aRead the full article

14 March 2020

5 Tips to Save on House Painting Contractors

House painting projects are quite taxing on your wallet and your mental state. For an average ranch style home that is two stories tall and 2,500 square feet, your costs could be in the neighborhood of $4,000 on the exterior. Working inside, it’s closer to $5,500. Many homeowners are willing to invest in their homeRead the full article

23 February 2020

Top 5 Color Schemes to Create a Calm Living Room Atmosphere

For most of us, the living room is the space where all of our friends and family come together to laugh and spend quality time together. We want it to be the space where we leave our worries and work behind. We want the space to be associated with good times and relaxation. Are youRead the full article

25 January 2020

7 Timeless Living Room Paint Colors

Living rooms are where we spend a majority of our time in our homes. It’s the most used room to host and enjoy time together. Don’t let your eye sore become the talk of the family this winter. Here are some ideas to get you started with timeless living room paint colors. Living rooms haveRead the full article

18 December 2019

9 Bathroom Painting Mistakes to Avoid

A bathroom can often be a complicated room to paint. The humidity of the room and the tight space most bathrooms are known for can make painting them worse that you might expect. Our pros weigh in on common mistakes to avoid when painting a bathroom. 1. Not preparing the area Professional painters say yourRead the full article

20 November 2019

Neutrals That Don’t Feel Bland

Everything about the term neutral is just boring. The idea of choosing a neutral paint is a total turn off. Why would you want anything about you, or your home, to be blah? Here are some ways to use neutrals that don’t feel bland. Combine neutrals Since neutrals are easy to work with and matchRead the full article

24 October 2019

The Perfect Gift For Your Home This Christmas: Interior Painting

Your gift giving list for the holidays is long with family and friends. Everyone is included. Everyone but your house that is. Now could be the time to give your house a gift of its own. The perfect gift for your home this Christmas is interior painting. Adding your home to the nice list beforeRead the full article

26 September 2019

House Painting: Hire a Pro

Painting can seem at first like a fairly easy home improvement job, for a do-it-yourself inclined homeowner. You probably wouldn’t take apart your fridge, or rip apart the air conditioner without at least a bit of research though. Painting your home is no different! Painting projects can be completed with great results, depending on theRead the full article

18 April 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Costs/looking for a quote How do I get an estimate for painting my home? Most professional painting companies will offer you a free in-home estimate. You can sign up for a free in-home estimate here or call usRead the full article