Top 5 Color Schemes to Create a Calm Living Room Atmosphere

For most of us, the living room is the space where all of our friends and family come together to laugh and spend quality time together. We want it to be the space where we leave our worries and work behind. We want the space to be associated with good times and relaxation. Are you wondering how to achieve such a space? Keep reading for some color schemes from CertaPro Painters® of Carlsbad that could promote the calm living room atmosphere in your home!


This is usually people’s go-to for paint color because it is the safest option. It allows the creative freedom to do whatever you want with the rest of the space. Neutrals create a cozy, calming atmosphere. However, you still want to be sure to add some pops of color. We like the idea of doing neutral walls paired with other neutrals and then one accent color. Dark shades of green or any shade of blue are our personal favorite option.

Warm Jewel Tones

These colors are earth tones such as reds, oranges, and olive greens. Mixing all of these colors creates a beautiful earthy relaxing space. It will feel warm while also incorporating a sense of nature into the space.

Cool Jewel Tones 

These colors are blues, emerald-greens, and rich purples. Keep the walls neutral and then add these stunning colors into the space. It creates such an elegant atmosphere that anyone would want to wind down in.

White Walls 

Similar to neutral tones, white walls are always a safe choice. Make this space bold and interesting by mixing and matching shades and patterns of turquoise, gray and jade green. This will bring an eclectic feel that will be fun but not too overwhelming.

Blue and White

This color combo is the ultimate go-to when we think about relaxation. Our favorite way to do this is by doing warm white walls and beige or tan furniture. Then add it plenty of white, cream, beige, and blue accent pieces. Add pops of blue within the rugs, wall art, and other décor pieces such as flowers.