The Perfect Gift For Your Home This Christmas: Interior Painting

Your gift giving list for the holidays is long with family and friends. Everyone is included. Everyone but your house that is. Now could be the time to give your house a gift of its own. The perfect gift for your home this Christmas is interior painting.

Adding your home to the nice list before the holiday guests come over is a great idea. You’ll update and refresh your look inside to host dinners, parties and gift opening. Now could be the perfect time to paint your interior.


You will find that painters are much more available during the cooler months. Since this is not traditionally a painting season, most homeowners are not thinking of refreshing their interior. You will notice a quick availability for estimates, and an expedited process into production.


Since the heat of summer has waned, it’s a great time of year to paint. The interior of your house is perfectly suited for painting. During this time of year, you’re not generally running the heater with regularity. This removes the humidity from the air. It also will mean that you are not pumping air with VOCs around your home. The outside air is cool and crisp. Try opening the windows to create a cross breeze. You’ll blow the smells around while also encouraging drying.


In addition to quicker turn around, many painters offer specials or extra services during this season. Since painting crews have finished the backlog of summer work, they are ready to start on projects like your interior work. To keep the painters busy, most companies are making great offers to homeowners.

Holiday Decor

While it’s not the first reason on your list of why to paint, showing off your holiday decor is part of the reason. A fresh new backdrop for wreaths and lights will set off the holidays even more. Make sure when you are choosing your color, you’re not swept away with the holidays. Don’t go overly christmasy with color choice, since your wall color will remain long after the garlands have come down. But pairing a new neutral or vivid color with your decor could be just the ticket.

If you’re ready to start a project before the holidays set it, schedule a free, in-home estimate to talk to our experts.