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The Racquet Club of Philadelphia

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The Racquet Club of Philadelphia Commercial Painting Project

How did we get the job done when they can’t close?

The problem to be solved:

They needed painting done in their main lobby for a refresh on the club, but they couldn’t close down the main entrance. On top of that, the club was still open for activities during the day, so how are we going to do repair and painting with a fully open club?

Problem solver solution:

What we had to do is identity what areas took priority first then work with the Clubs General Manager. Once we had a list of what took high priority, we broke it down into what times of day we could get the work done. Main doors and foyer at night, the rest during the day since we can protect areas and cover with plastics.

Final result:

The club was able to continue operation without shutting down any entrance and continue to have painting work done in the time frame they had available on the calendar. We were able to meet their expectations by talking about time frames, priorities, and having the Racquet Club of Philadelphia actively tell us if we need to change something. The key here was finding the solutions for them and offering them a few options that can work for their time and budget.

Foyer of the Racquet Club

Foyer of the Racquet Club

Foyer of the Racquet Club

Foyer of the Racquet Club