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Michel's Bakery Storage Tank Painting Project

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Michel’s Bakery Storage Tank Painting Project in Philadelphia Area


Three large storage tanks were completely weathered due to exposure to the Philadelphia climate, leaving them in need of a power wash and a fresh coat of paint. Many portions of the tanks are only accessible by ladders, and the use of a lift was not an option.

Michel’s Bakery reached out to CertaPro Painters of the Main Line to execute this project. We provided a large painting crew who worked long hours to flawlessly get the job completed, even crawling inside the tanks to power wash and paint the main door and lower areas.

This project was completed in 10 days in September 2020.


The tanks were rusted and the paint was peeling.


Prep – Clean and prep all surfaces for paint, power wash interior and exterior of the tanks.
Paint – Interior and Exterior of Tanks

Michel's Bakery Tanks - Before

Michel's Bakery Tanks - Before

Michel's Bakery Tanks - After

Michel's Bakery Tanks - After