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About Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Popcorn ceiling was an incredibly popular choice for home decoration for many years, offering homeowners a solution that hides imperfections without sacrificing quality acoustics. Nowadays a popcorn ceiling can make a room look dated, & old-fashioned. Removing it has become a priority for many people looking to update their homes. This is particularly the case for homeowners trying to sell their homes in an increasingly competitive market, as well as those who have just purchased a fixer-upper and are looking to make it all their own.

In addition to the finish, popcorn ceiling can also be difficult to clean and maintain. The texture easily accumulates dust and cobwebs, which is especially problematic in homes with high ceilings that are difficult to reach. This is why many homeowners opt for popcorn ceiling removal services in order to achieve a cleaner, more modern finish for their home ceilings. CertaPro Painters® of West Palm Beach & Boynton Beach, FL offers this service with all of the professionalism and attention to detail our customers have come to expect.

The Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

The complexity of the job makes it a difficult task to undertake without professional help, which is where CertaPro Painters® of West Palm Beach & Boynton Beach, FL comes in. Our teams have extensive experience in this kind of job and can deliver perfect results quickly and efficiently. This could even include painting the ceiling a new color or installing an alternative effect. View the process below:

1Cover Walls & Floor

Covering the walls and flooring with heavy duty plastic sheets.

2Prep Ceiling

Removing light fixtures and anything else attached to the ceiling. Spraying the surface with small amounts of water so that the popcorn ceiling easily scrapes away.


Removing popcorn using Festool Planex. It has a planex sanding head and vacuums dust and filters it through a HEPA filter. This is a much cleaner experience for the customer. The traditional method is to spray the popcorn with water and scrape off using a putty knife.

4Skim Coat

Skim coating any damaged areas prior to sanding to ensure a smooth, properly prepared surface for painting.

5Paint Ceiling

Application of a fresh coat of paint primer followed by the paint color of your choice.

Why Hire CertaPro Painters® To Remove My Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling removal is an involved and messy process, requiring special tools for scraping, sanding, and vacuuming the dust that accumulates on the ground.

It can be time-consuming, depending on the height and square footage of the ceiling, as well as on how intricate the popcorn pattern is. If popcorn ceiling removal services are required in a furnished room, all the furnishings will have to be removed or protected, making the process even more labor intensive.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Company

Hiring an eremoval of popcorn certapro painters of boynton beach2xperienced popcorn removal service company comes with knowing your are receiving quality, professionalism, and attention to detail throughout the removal process.

Why Use A Professional Company?
This is a tricky project that can go wrong very quickly in inexperienced hands. There are various benefits to relying on popcorn ceiling removal companies instead of tackling the work yourself. The delicate nature of the project often results in novice mistakes that are difficult and costly to fix. A few common mistakes include creating small holes and marks on the ceiling or causing water damage to any electrical boxes or outlets that aren’t properly protected. It is also a particularly messy job that can be a cleanup nightmare if the room hasn’t been prepared correctly.

Furthermore, as with any ceiling work, the removal can be tedious and exhausting, especially if you have a lot of it to go through. Professional popcorn ceiling removal teams have years of experience in this process, and there is no putting a price on this level of expertise.

Contact CertaPro Painters® for Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

At CertaPro Painters® of West Palm Beach & Boynton Beach, FL we understand homeowners who are removing a popcorn effect will often want to upgrade their ceilings with a new coat of paint or effect. We pride ourselves on our across-the-board expertise which includes removing the popcorn ceiling, skim coating the surface to make it smooth, priming it, and painting it in a variety of styles and effects, all under the same service and with the same local, friendly point of contact.

Get in touch today for a free estimate for your popcorn ceiling removal, including any additional services you need to make your rooms just perfect.