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Recoating your pool deck can be a easy way to enhance its look. If the concrete around your pool is starting to show signs of wear, such as cracks, peeling, or chipping, a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your pool deck without the need for messy removal and/or high expenses. At CertaPro Painters® of West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach, FL, our expert painters have the experience necessary to breath life into your existing pool deck with our recoating services.

For those who own an in-ground pool, recoating your pool deck can be a game changer. We can craft textured stains that can give a renewed appeal to your cool deck. When working with us, our team will collaborate with you so that we can bring your dream pool deck to life.

One of the main advantages of applying paint and stain to a pool deck is the protection it offers. Natural elements like rain, UV rays, and even foot traffic can wear on your pool deck throughout the season. We use specialized paint for our pool deck recoating projects that incorporate heat relief technology. That way, your pool deck has a UV-resistant layer, causing your pool deck to remain cooler on hotter days and providing a surface that is much easier to walk on.

Prior to applying any paint or stain, we take care to diligently prepare the painting surface and make any required repairs. Once the area is prepared, we will begin applying your paint or stain. Our team has experience with various products and processes, so we can guide you towards the product that is best suited for your project.

Recoating a pool deck can take two to three days although it can take longer depending on the surface condition, treatment, and size of your painting area. Certain tasks can take upwards of a week for curing depending on the products we use.

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CertaPro did a great job, exceeded my expectations, and the price was reasonable. The owner called to ensure I was completely satisfied

- Liz T. | Delray Beach, FL

Liz T. | Delray Beach, FL

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