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Posted on February 27, 2022

Amanda has spent the last 18 months doing online school with her children. While trying to convince her kids to do their school work, she is also trying to start an online business within her home. Due to the pandemic, she was laid off, but she has found a niche and seems to be headed into working at home for the long term.

All of these activities have been happening right in Amanda’s kitchen. She teaches school, runs a business, and feeds her family all from this one room. So she spends a great deal of time there. Lately, she has been tired of looking at her run down, peeling cabinets and wondering if she could afford to refresh her “workplace”/kitchen and its cabinets.

Amanda is no handyman or DIYer but she is very resourceful and knows how to do research to find the experts & information that can help her achieve her mission. So she immediately begins calling her friends and looking online for a company who can help her create a dream kitchen with a working space also.

CertaPro to the Rescue

With her research complete, Amanda has noticed one company that her friends suggest over & over when she asks them to recommend a company to help with her painting projects. As a matter of a fact, she keeps hearing and reading about the same company. Guess who that company is?

It’s CertaPro, of course! 

All the reviews say that CertaPro gives the greatest value for the best price. So Amanda is convinced that she will give them a try. They have free consultations. So Amanda has nothing to lose so she calls her local CertaPro Painters.

CertaPro is happy to help. Amanda schedules an appointment for her estimate. But before they hang up the expert from CertaPro offers some advice to Amanda. They tell Amanda to think about two questions prior to her appointment.

What are the Two Questions?

When planning any painting project, you can start planning the in terms of two key questions:

What are you starting with?

What do you want to end up with?

These questions are then broken down into smaller questions. These answers will help you plan out your project wisely. Also, it can be helpful to break these questions down into smaller questions

What are you starting with?

What is your current surface finish? This tends to be the most significant factor in determining the best preparation and painting approach.

Is it high-gloss, or satin?

Smooth, or textured / grained?

Smooth and / or high-gloss surfaces should be sprayed (with components such as drawers and doors done either on- or off-site), which consists of multiple, exacting sanding and coating steps, in order to produce an optimal final finish. Conversely, lower sheen surfaces can often be rolled and brushed instead, reducing the total time and cost associated with the project.

What is the overall condition of the surfaces?

Are they mostly smooth and solid, or heavily scratched up and nicked? Some materials and finishes can be repaired more easily than others, so this is something to discuss during an estimate appointment.

What is the overall condition of hardware or any other decorational elements?

Depending on what your project entails, you may need to check on damaged or broken handles/knobs? With cabinet painting, you will need to check for sagging or ill-fitting doors? You may want to replace or adjust / repair certain elements in advance of or during the work, another consideration to discuss during an estimate appointment.

What do you want to end up with?

Just “face lift” that can help keep the project duration and cost down?

Or, A total makeover of the interior of home?

The answers to these questions can help you decide just how much home improvement your home needs.

For example, painting the kitchen walls in conjunction with the cabinets can dramatically enhance the final result without adding inordinately to the overall cost, something to consider as you envision if you are considering a kitchen remodel.

Does project length matter to you?

More extensive & involved painting projects take additional time to complete. Therefore, this means that your home will be in transition longer and you will have to deal with interference in your regular schedule. If you work outside the home, you may need to arrange for someone to be at your home while work is being completed. If you work from home, you should probably consider how much this project will affect your productivity.

Do you have a color palette in mind?

If you are planning a smaller project, you may already have certain colors picked out. But if this is a larger project that requires more than one color, you may want to consider getting help from CertaPro’s expert color consultants. Our color specialists can help you plan out an entire color palette in no time at all with colors that you will love for years to come.


Amanda ended up thrilled with her end results. And like her friends, she suggests CertaPro painters to all her friends. If you have a project you would like to get started with, but are having trouble planning it out, call your local CertaPro painters! We love helping customers create their dream homes.

Start today! Call your CertaPro painters of Boynton Beach for an estimate.

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