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How To Prep Your Boynton Beach Home For a Painting Project

Posted on September 11, 2023

If you’re planning to have your home’s interior or exterior painted, there are many things you can do to ensure your project goes smoothly. At CertaPro Painters® of West Palm Beach & Boynton Beach, FL, we recommend some light preparations to undertake before we kick off our work. After prepping, you can let our professional painters handle all the painting and clean up.

When it comes to an interior painting project:

  • Clear the area of small or delicate items such as wall decorations, drapes, etc. If intend to rehang wall art in the same spot, you can leave the nails. Otherwise, remove unwanted nails so that painters can refill the holes during painting. Empty all bookcases and closets if you plan on getting them painted.
  • Discuss window treatments and switch plates in advance. Notify the foreman if you plan to reinstall or replace window treatments. With a plan in place, the painting crew can decide whether to leave brackets on the wall or remove them, filling any holes left behind. Regarding light switches, let your painters know if you’re keeping existing switch plates or replacing them.
  • Keep pets out of the workspace to prevent accidents and maintain cleanliness. Pets can inadvertently damage freshly painted surfaces or introduce dirt and grime. During your painting project, we clean surfaces daily and at the end, we do a final cleaning. Our goal is to leave your interior as clean as possible, but sometimes there may be some dust left behind by spackling and/or sanding.


When it comes to exterior painting projects:

  • Close window and doors. This way, you can avoid getting water in your home during power washing.
  • Inspect your bushes and shrubs for potential obstructions. Pruning them in advance allows our painters easier access to the project areas. Our painters are not authorized to trim them for you.
  • Move your vehicle away from the work area. Having your car in the work area can get in the way of power washing and the actual painting.

At CertaPro Painters® of West Palm Beach & Boynton Beach, FL, we strive to make your interior and exterior painting experience hassle-free. Contact us for a complimentary estimate and let us transform your home with our professional painting services!

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