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How to Hire an Exterior Painter

Posted on August 30, 2021

Painting the exterior of your home is not a common task. Most of the time it’s a decade or longer between coatings. This means the vast majority of us are unfamiliar with the criteria a painter should provide. Here’s how to hire an exterior painter.


You’ve decided it’s time to paint, now it’s time to meet the professionals. Be sure to consider no less than 3 painters for your job. Meet with each provider to get an estimate and a feel for the company. Pay attention to the estimator and the time he or she spends with you. They should take measurements and ask questions about your expectations and wants on the project. There should be an opportunity for you to ask questions and get completely comfortable with the process.


After your estimate appointments, you should receive a written estimate. This will include details of what is to be painted and an expected time frame for completion. Avoid companies that only provide a grand total. You will want a breakdown of labor and material, number of coats, manufacturer of the paint and description of the job.


Professional crews are not shy about providing a list of references and contact information for each. Don’t hesitate to call these people. Keep in mind that they are unlikely to provide a reference that had a less than stellar experience. For a more complete review experience, consult online review sites like Google, Yelp and Angi. These are non-biased reviews that will include both the good and the bad.


The more professional crews will most likely belong to business or trade groups while carrying the appopriate licensing according to your local laws. This shows a commitment to the business and reliability on the part of the company. Review copies of the company’s insurance policies, including both workman’s compensation and general liability. This means you’re covered for injury or damage that happens as a result of this project.


The estimate is a rough draft of what is expected on your jobsite. The contract is a complete listing of all services and provisions of the painting project. It should include all of the estimate information and then some. Look for key contact information for the company providing the service, inclusions, and space for you to sign on the dotted line. If you are uncomfortable with any of the terms, do not hesitate to push back and get further clarification on the contract.


Painters are expected to be experts in their field. Most are willing to offer guarantees against immediate issues with their painting. This can include chipping, peeling, blistering or other problems. Warranties typically cover problems that arise right away. Remember, if the paint itself has a warranty, that doesn’t include labor, which is a far more costly proposition than material.

Pick Paint

Painters have brands they lean on because they have successfully painted with them on many projects. These are usually the higher end paints, costing a bit more per gallon. You can request a particular paint if you’d like, and most painters will be willing ot work with you or at least discuss the benefits or issues with that paint.

Don’t Pay

It sounds counterintuitive, but don’t pay all at once. Among the paperwork from the painters, either in the estimate, contract, or both, there will be a payment schedule. It’s common to ask for a portion, up to half, of the cost of the project up front. This allows the painters to gather a crew, reserve dates and purchase materials. The remainder should not be collected until after the painting project is complete.

Get Started

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