How Often to Paint Stucco

If your house has you asking if it’s time to paint stucco on it, the answer could be complicated. While stucco is durable and great looking for south Florida homes, it’s not invincible. The short answer is stucco needs painting every 5-10 years. Let’s diagnose your situation for a better estimate.

Stucco maintenance will always make the paint and stucco hold up better. This means regular inspections and power washing to allow the paint to protect the stucco. Here are some considerations for your home.

Do I need to paint my stucco?

Do you live in a climate with high moisture or humidity?

South Florida is the home of humidity. Moisture in the air is a constant assault on your house. Because of the humidity, staying on top of your maintenance and painting is critical. Anytime there is a crack or peel in your paint, water can get inside and cause damage.

Do you see hairline cracks?

Cracks, even hairline, are a sign that your home needs help. Smaller cracks are typically smaller repairs from the home expanding, contracting or settling. You will want to have them sealed and painted before they develop into worse issues. If left alone, moisture inside can lead to rot or water damage. Larger cracks develop if the smaller ones are left to fester. These typically will need more significant repairs.

Do you see white powder or white streaks on your stucco?

This is the first sign of paint failure is chalking, which will be seen as white powder or streaks on the exterior of your home. This is a natural occurrence as paint ages. What happens is water moves through the stucco, dissolves contained salts and leaves them behind on the surface.

Do you have cracking, peeling, mold, or blistering?

Beyond the hairline cracks, peeling, blistering, mold and large cracks are more than just an eyesore. These are all signs that your paint and substrate need attention. You’ll need to bring in help to find out why the failure is occurring, repair the issue and follow up with a new coating of paint. If the issue isn’t fixed, there’s no amount of paint that can cover it.

Looking for a fresh, new look?

If your home looks dingy or dirty, a fresh cleaning and painting could be just the ticket. This is also the case if you can’t remember the last time your home was painted. Styles, tastes and needs change and your home’s exterior is no exception.

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