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Posted on May 1, 2022

When customers walk into your office, what is the first thing they notice? Is it your bright, shiny logo & a beautiful entrance area? Or do they see a cracked window, peeling paint and a 2 inch layer of dust on your counter?

Your business space says a lot about what you value & where you place your attention. As a business owner, you need to make sure that your business’ interior looks inviting and inspiring. Business office painting can be very easy, especially if the work you do is outside of your location, to overlook your drab office space when you are busy elsewhere.

But no doubt, potential new customers will judge you by your business’ look if they have not had any other contact with you or your company. This is an important but easy fix.

CertaPro painters know how to design and execute commercial painting projects with ease. We know that your business can’t shut down while we are painting your office. We are happy to work out the details with you so the disruptions at your office are minimal and the finished painting project turns out amazing. We’re experts in commercial painting and we’ll teach you how to maintain your business’ stunning new look.

CertaPro’s Tips for Business Office Painting

1. Use a finish that can hold its own

If you have a lot of high traffic areas within your business, it is probably best to paint your walls with a high quality semi-gloss. Something that can be easily cleaned on a regular basis. The higher the paint quality, the more washable it will be & it can be washed more often.

Semi-Gloss is not porous like flat paint. If you choose a low quality paint, you will have discoloration within the paint. However, if you are in a business where you have a showroom, matte or flat is probably best. It has less reflection of light and shows less imperfections on the walls. It also looks very neat and clean.

Your CertaPro painters can help you determine which finish is best for your business’ walls.

2. Regular Cleaning is a must

You must be diligent and wipe off scuffs & marks as soon as you see them. The longer the mark stays on the wall, the harder it will be to get off.

Paint is very durable but try not to scrub too hard. Get a soft cloth, a sponge or Magic Eraser and wipe in full strokes carefully. Too much scrubbing will cause more damage, so start cleaning lightly then work your way to a scrub if you have to.

Use water only, at first. If that doesn’t work you can add a mild cleaning solution.

3. Touch ups

Paint touch ups can be tricky. The older the paint, the more difficult it will be for the touch up to be unnoticable. This is caused by wicking, water loss and wear & tear of paint over time.

However, if you have painted within the last two years, touch up your walls with a foam brush and it should come out perfect and blend right in. Flat paint is easier to touch up. If the paint is an older semi-gloss, it will be almost impossible to touch up & blend in.

4. Have a long term relationship with your painting professional

Invest in a company that maintains your property: You want your paint job to last for a lot of years, not a couple of years. If you have a company that does the job correctly the first time, it will last for a lot of years. And that’s the savings.

These are just a few ideas to help start you off on your business office painting project. But CertaPro painters can help you with so much more.

Are you ready to start your business painting project? Call CertaPro painters of Boynton Beach at 561-318-0221 or go online to schedule an appointment.


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