4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holidays

While it’s still hot and humid outside, unbelievably it’s time to start planning for the holidays. Spruce up your indoors before the holiday guests and invitations arrive. Allow your fall and winter decor to take center stage with freshly painted walls. If your paint has lost its luster over the last few months, maybe it’s time to paint for the holidays. We suggest starting with these 4 rooms.

There are months full of holiday excitement right around the corner so start planning now. Food, decorations, parties and more are sure to make it a fun and memorable time, albeit busy.

When picking a new color for your walls, remember that while you want your holiday decorations to stand out, the color will remain long after the garland and candles have been packed away. Because of this, it’s important to choose a color you can live with all year. Choosing more neutral looks allow the blues of Hannukah and reds of Christmas take center stage. Clean colors like white, taupe or silver are a perfect middle ground. Want something warmer? Opt for yellow, green or beige.

Before your estimate appointment get a good idea of the areas you would like to address. Some rooms have been over used the last 18 months. Start the clean up process by focusing on the areas that you will be using over the holidays. For hosting holiday meals, paint the dining area and kitchen. For out of town guests, consider the guest bedroom and bath. Over night family staying for Christmas morning? The family room or formal living room might be the ticket.

Here are the four most rooms to paint for the holidays.

Dining Room

Likely, your holiday parties and dinners will use the dining room in at least some capacity. The often empty room is usually host to laundry piles and half completed homework. Give it new holiday life with a pleasing color that will make the space feel renewed. Your hue should work with table linens, dishes and centerpieces for the holidays.


Even if you never intend guests to be in the kitchen, they will congregate there. The room is very inviting to guests to help prep food, clean up or just chat over wine. With the extra messes caused from being home for over a year, it’s expected that your walls could need some fresh paint. For a truly coordinated look, work with the color with your dining room.

Guest Rooms

Because of warm winter weather, family and friends love to come to our area for the holidays. This means extra bodies in your home for extended periods. While you’re taking inventory of towels, sheets and pillows, look over the guest room and bathroom walls. Dingy walls can make your home feel unkempt. Apply a fresh color for a crisp room before everyone arrives.

Family Rooms

In our area, it’s not uncommon for many homes to have formal living rooms or family rooms (that typically sit empty). Give a new backdrop to the room for opening gifts over the nights of Hannukah or Christmas morning with a new paint hue.

Let the Festivities Begin

We are here to help you achieve your looks with paint. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate from our team to paint for the holidays. We are happy to talk about your goals and work with you to achieve them.