Meet The Owners


Watch the video above to learn about what it’s like to work with Gerard and Cynthia, the owners of CertaPro Painters of Boca Raton, FL.


Gerard: My name is Gerard Joseph, Jr.

Cynthia: And I’m Cynthia Etheart-Joseph, and together we own CertaPro Painters of Boca Raton.

Gerard: There’s a certainty pledge, we deliver what we promise, we go beyond expectation. We never really say no to customers. We wanna keep them happy all the time.

Cynthia: We follow the pledge process, as my husband mentioned, and we actually spent a lot of time with our painters. First they’re trained to know that we treat our customers a certain way. In addition to that, we spend time with them in advance of the job going through and making sure they fully understand the client’s needs.

Gerard: They always show on time. So far, we haven’t met somebody we work with to tell us, ‘You know what? It was raining this morning. I cannot make it.’ Or, ‘I feel sick, I can’t…’ We haven’t had that problem.

Cynthia: If we make a promise to you, we are gonna do everything in our power to deliver against that and our customer service. We are really gonna stay with you throughout the entire process to ensure, from the beginning to the end, that we not only meet your expectation – we’ve exceeded them. And we’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the amount of feedback we’ve received from our clients. They’re not just going and pressing a number a five-star. They actually wanna write why they feel that way about us, and a lot of our customers have hired us, because of what they’ve seen.

Gerard: Schedule your free estimate today.

Cynthia: We’re really looking forward to working with you.”