We’re Now Official PA COSTARS Suppliers!

Our team is proud to announce that we just recently became official PA COSTARTS suppliers!

What is COSTARS?
COSTARS, established by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS), is a Cooperative Purchasing Program, acting as a bridge connecting suppliers with over 9,000 COSTARS members. This initiative sees an impressive spending of over $1 billion annually by its members through the COSTARS program.

COSTARS Mission:
At the heart of the COSTARS Program is a commitment to offering members competitively priced contracts while broadening avenues for both suppliers and member partners.

Why is this Important for Our Community?
Being an official COSTARS supplier means we’re recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a trusted partner. COSTARS serves to:

    • Boost Procurement Savings: Encouraging members to secure the best value, thanks to an active partnership with the Commonwealth.
    • Open Opportunities: Whether large or small, COSTARS provides suppliers the chance to vie for member businesses.
    • Guaranteed Competitive Pricing: Ensuring contracts are competitively priced for all involved.

Furthermore, the Commonwealth Procurement Code authorizes only registered entities with DGS to purchase via COSTARS, reinforcing the trust and credibility of the program.

Join us in this exciting phase as we pledge to offer top-tier services in line with COSTARS’ values. Click here to learn more about COSTARS!