Stucco Painting: 3 Things to Know

We know stucco for its long lasting and low maintenance characteristics. It is a perfect medium for houses in the Berkeley area. It truly is hard to go wrong with stucco. While the surface is durable, it is not indestructible. There comes a time for every homeowner with a stucco exterior to take on the project of stucco painting. Painting a stucco surface is difficult. Fortunately, our professionals know how to paint and repair stucco, and they know all the essential stucco painting tips. Today, we’re here to share with you our tried-and-true knowledge.

stucco painting and repair worker

1. Stucco is Prone to Weathering

Your stucco home is being constantly bombarded by the elements of the outdoors. California––and the Berkeley area especially––has harsh sunlight hitting the exterior of your home day after day. UV lights are especially rough on stucco surfaces. Without proper weatherproof protection, cracks can form easily. These cracks can lead to further damage that will ultimately cost you more money and more problems. Consistent maintenance and help from professional painters can avoid these problems from happening at all.

2. Repair and Prepare Before You Paint

The first thing you’ll want to do is take a good look at what state your stucco is in. Are there any patches or cracks? Is there any peeling going on? Take inventory of everything that isn’t in tip-top shape. You’ll want to repair these before slathering on paint. Otherwise, water will enter your home and lead to more expensive problems.

Once your exterior is repaired enough for a paint job, it is time to bring out the pressure washer. If you did any patching to your surface, you may need to wait 15-30 days before completing this step. Otherwise, you’re good to go. A thorough pressure wash will help the paint adhere to the stucco and fend off maintenance down the road. .

3. Maintaining Stucco Increases Your Home’s Value

Last but not least, maintaining your stucco can increase the value of your home. In areas such as Berkeley, well-maintained stucco is valuable on the real estate market. Areas that are discolored, areas that have large cracks or bubbles, and areas that are experiencing other deteriorations can have the opposite effect. You can kake sure that your stucco is up to par by getting your stucco examined every year at a minimum. Fortunately, most professional companies that offer stucco services can do it all in one!

Stucco Painting with CertaPro Painters®

If you are looking for an expert stucco painting company that offers high-quality service on budget and within an allotted time frame, call CertaPro Painters®! We have helped thousands of homeowners paint and maintain their stucco homes throughout the Berkeley area. We offer power washing services and a free color consultation, along with the rest of our residential services. To get started, you can call our team members at 510-981-0321 or fill out our free, no-obligation form! We look forward to working with you!