16 February 2022

Stucco Painting: 3 Things to Know

We know stucco for its long lasting and low maintenance characteristics. It is a perfect medium for houses in the Berkeley area. It truly is hard to go wrong with stucco. While the surface is durable, it is not indestructible. There comes a time for every homeowner with a stucco exterior to take on theRead the full article

20 January 2022

Services to Look for when Hiring Professional Painters

Painting your home is a big project with a lot of different components in play. To make sure you save the most amount of time and headache, you want to make sure that you get it right the first time. There is one way to do this: hire the best interior painters available! Looking atRead the full article

20 December 2021

Why CertaPro are the Best Office Painters

There’s no secret that first impressions are everything. Ensure you’re wowing your workers and clients from the get-go with CertaPro Painters® of Berkeley, CA. Our professional office painters can transform your building’s interior and exterior, which improves your curb appeal and overall aesthetics. We deliver high-quality painting services that separate us from our competition. BusinessRead the full article

24 November 2021

The Best Berkeley Colors for Your Home

There is a lot that goes into choosing the exterior paint colors of your home. Not only do you have to consider any neighborhood or HOA restrictions, you also have to think about what colors will add to the value of your home. After all, curb appeal is arguably the most important element to sellingRead the full article

25 October 2021

What’s Included in House Painting Estimates?

If you’re looking to paint the interior or exterior of your home, you’re going to need to get a few house painting estimates. This is an essential step to making sure you are completely satisfied with your paint experience. These estimates can help you understand how much you should budget for the outlined project. However,Read the full article

20 September 2021

Decorative Painting Techniques that GiveYour Walls Pazazz

Sometimes it is difficult to decide if the latest home design trends are something that will stick around or will you cringe at your new decor picks 6 months down the road? If you want to update your home and put a little of your style on display, a decorative painting technique may be justRead the full article

12 August 2021

3 Best Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Tips and Tricks

It is no secret that an updated kitchen atmosphere can help your house feel more like a home. The quality and colors of your kitchen cabinets have a tendency to set the mood for your entire household. After all, the kitchen is one of the most-visited areas of any home. The project is even moreRead the full article

23 July 2021

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House in Berkeley, CA?

Knowing the cost of a painting project is an essential step to effectively plan and budget for your project. This is why we always recommend getting a free estimate from your top three painting companies. In doing so, though, you’ll see that the cost of a paint job can vary significantly. You may resort toRead the full article

27 May 2021

Why to Hire Professional Painters

Hiring a professional painting company seems like a lot of work. Is it really worth putting in the hassle? Will there really be that much difference in the finished product? Can’t I just paint my house by myself? While these are all valid questions, we would argue hiring a professional painting company is nearly alwaysRead the full article

26 April 2021

3 Tips for a Successful Stucco Paint Job

It is hard to go a day without seeing stucco when you live in California. If you’re one of the majority, your own house likely has a stucco exterior. If that’s the case, this means you also know––or will come to know––that maintaining stucco can be a pain. However, there are a few ways toRead the full article