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Professional Brick Painting and Staining in Belleville, IL

Bricks remain one of the most common building materials for homes in Belleville due to their visual appeal and durability. Over time, this material can experience fading color due to UV rays and heat. The best way to remedy this is by applying a coat of paint, stain, or sealant coating to refresh your brick’s appearance and ensure its longevity.

Brick Power Washing

Power Washing

Give your bricks a refreshing power wash for a nice, clean look. This process is typically the first step in any brick project.

Brick Painting


Apply a new paint color to your bricks to revive their appearance. Standard colors for brick painting include white, gray, navy, greens, and blues.

Brick Staining


Enhance the color of your bricks with a stain.

Brick Sealant


Protect your bricks by applying a coating of sealant. This process helps maintain the brick's current appearance while improving its protection against general wear and tear and the elements.


Improve the visual appeal of your fireplace by applying paint, stain, or sealant. Fireplace projects require the removal of soot and paint that can withstand the temperatures of a fire.

The process from bid to project completion was very smooth. The finished project looked amazing! Great value and timely service.

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Dawn W.

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What You Should Know Before Having Your Brick Painted by a Professional Painting Company

After having your brick painted, there is no easy way to restore its original color. We recommend thinking it over to ensure you are 100% ready to paint your brick before scheduling your project.

When you paint brick, you will need routine power washing and occasional paint touch-ups to keep your home’s exterior looking its best. Hiring a professional painting company is a surefire way to guarantee your bricks are painted and maintained properly.

Completed Residential Exterior Brick Painting project by CertaPro Painters of Belleville - Tan Color

Why You Should Choose Local Professionals to Paint and Maintain Your Brick Home

We highly recommend working with local professionals for brick painting services in Belleville, Illinois. If the service isn’t completed correctly, you could risk damage to your home’s exterior.

Our team at CertaPro Painters® of Belleville, IL, is experienced in brick painting and staining and prepared to deal with projects of all sizes and scopes.

Book your free estimate today! We’ll assess your brick property and give you an accurate quote and custom plan that fits your brick project needs.

Completed Residential Exterior Brick Painting project by CertaPro Painters of Belleville - White color bricks