Deck Staining: 3 Tips for a Great Finish

Staining your deck or porch can seem like a daunting task. There is a lot of work that goes into getting a good result. Part of this work is educating yourself on proper preparation and application. While the best way to learn this information is through practice, our professionals are here to provide you with their top 3 tips. We have painted and stained decks for multiple years and have perfected the practice. Deck staining will be as easy as 1-2-3 with this info in your tool belt!

Do Your Prep Work

The first step for any painting or staining project is to do your research. This specially means cleaning your deck of any dirt or grime before applying your stain. Without a proper cleaning,  your stain won’t adhere to the material as well as it should. Sweep the deck and use deck cleaner to get started on this. To get between the cracks, pull out your putty knife. In severe cases, you may need to rent out a pressure washer. If you do, though, remember that the wood will need 2-3 days to dry. One of the most common mistakes with deck staining is not waiting long enough for the wood to dry out completely. If you want to be sure your stain will stick, wait a full week of dry weather. 

Once you have your deck cleaned, start your project with a test area. This can help you make sure that you like the color and that your staining technique is up to par. If you have too much spray coming out at once, your stain will be drippy and not look as clean when you’re finished. This is a great time to practice!

Check on the Weather

Another step to complete before you get to staining or painting your deck is to look at the weather. As stated above, moisture can be detrimental to your deck staining project. It is best to apply stain when it hasn’t rained for multiple days in a row and there are no predictions of rain in the near future. If you can aim for a low humidity day between 50 and 90 degrees, you’ll be in better shape. 

This evidently means that deck staining is more difficult in the snowy winter and rainy spring. You may want to hold off on your project for the ideal weather. Otherwise, you’ll be looking for time on the calendar to redo your project. And nobody wants that!

Get the Right Material

The last step to getting a great finish for your deck staining project is to ac quire the right materials. This includes brushes, stain or paint type, and preparation tools. It is not worth it to get the cheap stuff. Some of the most expensive stains are not the best, either. Instead, focus on getting the right materials for your specific project. Read the cans, talk to a professional, and be patient when acquiring your tools. 

Deck Staining with CertaPro Painters 

If you are looking to stain your deck with little hassle, you’ll want to work with deck staining professionals. CertaPro Painters are professional painters equipped with all the right tools and knowledge to make your deck look as good as new. We have helped thousands of homeowners create the decks and porches of their dreams–you can be next! To get started, fill out our free, no-obligation form. We look forward to working with you!