14 September 2022

Can You Paint Hardie Board Siding?

Absolutely! Hardie Board, also known as fiber cement siding, is a composite material made of concrete substrate. Hardie board is far heavier than its counterparts, making it extremely durable. Another benefit to using Hardie board is that it typically doesn’t need a paint refresh for 7-10 years. Painting Hardie board is not only possible butRead the full article

05 August 2022

CertaPro Painters® of Alpharetta Embraces the Power of Pro

Any painter can paint, but only at CertaPro Painters® of Alpharetta do we go above and beyond the ordinary in everything we do. Our team of local painting professionals in the Alpharetta area delivers outstanding results and experiences in every service we offer. How do we do this? The Power of Pro. The Power ofRead the full article

21 July 2022

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

By far the most popular siding material for home exteriors, vinyl is considered maintenance-free that doesn’t usually require painting due to color being mixed in with the material. However, vinyl siding can lose its luster over time, or you might want a facelift for your home. Whatever the case, you can paint vinyl siding, it’sRead the full article

14 June 2022

Can You Paint Aluminum Siding?

A popular choice post World War II, aluminum siding requires very little maintenance and has great insulation and weather protection qualities. Although a cheap and durable material, it is prone to dents and fast-fading paint. A quick coat of paint will keep your aluminum-clad home sparkling! Since there are different types of siding, each materialRead the full article

12 May 2022

When is The Best Time to Paint House Exteriors in Georgia?

Fortunately for us living throughout the state of Georgia, and with the help of modern technology, there really isn’t a ‘best’ time to paint your home’s exterior. We follow the manufacturer’s guides on temperature and moisture. In Atlanta, we can paint outside all year. In the winter, the days are shorter so we have aRead the full article

12 April 2022

Can You Paint Wood Siding?

Painting the exterior of your home is an economical and necessary project to protect it from the elements. Rain, snow, and the sun can all severely damage your home in different ways. Painting, and the prep work that goes into it, is a vital step in preserving it. Plus, nothing increases the curb appeal ofRead the full article

14 March 2022

Tips for Preparing Your Home for an Exterior Painting Project

There are a few things you can do to help us provide you with the best possible experience. We will start by power washing your house – make sure the water is on outside. Many people turn it off to prevent freezing. Please make sure plants are cut back to allow access for painting. IfRead the full article

11 February 2022

A Textured Ceiling Project – Get Your Pop Corn Ready

Textured ceilings used to be extremely popular, now not so much. We get a lot of calls to have the texture removed. First some basics. There are 2 types of texture that were popular – “popcorn” and stipple. Stipple refers to actual plaster that has had texture added with a brush or other tool. RemovingRead the full article

07 January 2022

And our 2022 paint color of the year prediction is…

It’s a brand new year, which means it’s time for Pantone to release its color of the year prediction. For over 20 years, Pantone has been highlighting colors across the rainbow, but did you know that other paint companies give color predictions, too? This year, Pantone went with Very Peri, while most of the otherRead the full article

02 December 2021

We Love Hearing From Our Customers!

The CertaPro Painters® of Alpharetta, GA team wants to thanks all of those who have supported us during 2021. We truly appreciate all of your support and are continually striving to provide the best service that we possibly can. We’d also like to thank all of those who provided feedback this year. We value whatRead the full article