What to Expect at your 1st Appointment

Some of the questions we will ask when we are giving you a quote to paint your home may have nothing to do with painting, but we have found that the answers to these questions help us to provide you with an extraordinary experience.

Why are we providing you with an estimate today? Do you need your exterior updated to get ready to put it on the market? Are you having a party and you need your main living area freshened up?

When do you need your project completed by?

What is your desired start date?

Do you need help picking out our colors? We have color coordinators that would be happy to come and help you pick out your colors.

In order to respect the needs and schedules of your household, we would like to know who else will be present while we are working? What do you feel we need to know that is important to each person? Is there a baby or young child that naps?

In order to minimize the disruption, what hours work best for your household? Do you need us to start a little later because of taking a child to school or you work second shift and sleep in a little later?

Which rooms or parts of your home and property are most critical to maintaining you family routine? i.e., What are your key entrances so we can plan on painting as to not disrupt your family flow?

What is the best place for us to place our supplies and equipment while we are working in your home? Where can we clean our tools? We like to make sure that our tools are out of your way and in a safe place from pets and your children. Telling us where we can clean up helps us to know what an acceptable sink is and an unacceptable one.

Do you have pets? Are there any special concerns you want us to be aware of regarding your pets? Is there a dog or cat that we need to make sure does not get out? Your pets are part of your family and we want to make sure that we care for them as well. We like to let our painters know about pets ahead of time before they arrive.

Who should we communicate with on a daily basis? How do you prefer to be contacted with updates? i.e., phone call, text, email, or written communication We like to keep you up to date daily and let you know the estimated completion day so we can schedule our Pride Walk.

What positive or negative experiences have you had with contractors that we should be aware of to meet your expectations? If another contractor did something that upset you we like to know so we can make sure that we are not doing the same thing.

By answering these questions it will help us to provide you with an extraordinary experience and a project that runs smoothly.