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Save money and give your kitchen a facelift by having your cabinets refinished! Our team of skilled craftsmen can add new life to the cabinets in your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint at a fraction of the price of installing new cabinets. With us, you can rest assured that the job will be done with skill and precision.

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One of our expert cabinet refinishers will visit your home and take a look at your kitchen. He or she will be able to assess the project and give you a fair quote. Book your free estimate now!


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Cabinet Painting vs. Cabinet Refinishing

Several factors will determine the pricing of your cabinet refinishing and painting services. The size of the cabinets and the number of doors and drawers are basic factors. Other factors include whether you choose a stain or paint, whether you want them done on-site or removed, and how long the project will take. Most projects on kitchen cabinets are either painting or refinishing projects, learn the difference between cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting below:

Cabinet Refinishing

If your current cabinets have started to chip, the coating begins to degrade. This can lead to wood rot or warping. Refinishing puts a halt on the decay. What’s more, it’s much less expensive than buying new cabinets.

Cabinet Painting

You can choose to have your cabinets stained, to bring out the grain of the wood, or painted, which gives you more colour choices. The cost difference will depend on how detailed the cabinet is and what style you are looking for.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colours

White Cabinets

White painted cabinets are the top selected choice over the last few years. White offers a bright and modern look that stands the test of time. White cabinets will show dirt and grime easier and may need to be cleaned more often that darker coloured surfaces.

Green Cabinets

Forest and light shades of green have been an emerging colour trend over the last year. This is another modern colour that works well for interior spaces like the kitchen.

Gray / Slate Cabinets

Dark shades of black, gray, often in matte finishes have also been a popular choice for kitchen cabinet projects over the last 5 years. This style is modern and sleek and works well with most wall colours. Matte finishes may scuff easier than higher sheen options.

Transform Your Kitchen Back

Cabinetry Refinishing and Painting Process


☑ Repaint
Painting is an easy, cost-effective way to dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen. The right cabinet colour can modernize your kitchen or simply bring it from drab to fab. Semi-gloss latex paint is the most common finish used in kitchens, as it allows for easy removal of food stains and splatters. If you’re not sure which colour is right for your kitchen, one of our colour experts can assist you in choosing the ideal shade. Once you’ve made a decision, our painting experts will come in to do what they do best! Prior to priming and painting, our crews will remove the grit and grime kitchens are notorious for so the paint can properly adhere and you’re left with a beautiful finished product

Cabinets can be one of the most expensive items when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. If your cabinets have seen better days but you don’t want to paint them, refinishing them is another great option! Oftentimes, refinishers can remove some of the stain, so this job is best left to the professionals. Our experts will carefully strip and sand your kitchen cabinets so that they’re ready to receive new stain. If you’re not sure which stain is right for your kitchen, our colour consultants can help you choose.

With a simple hardware swap, you can instantly transform the way your cabinets look and feel. Gone are the days when wood and metal handles were your only options. Now you can find a designer collection of cabinet hardware or even rummage a local vintage shop for new mix and match pulls and handles. Your options are virtually endless and a simple way to tie the look of your updated cabinets together.

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