Exterior Painting Color

Choosing Exterior Painting Colors

The exterior painting colors you choose for your home’s exterior will have the greatest impact on first impressions. We can help you choose a color palette that will make you smile every time you come home!

Things to consider when choosing exterior painting colors:

  • If neighboring homes are situated very close to yours, be sure that your colors will be compatible. For example, two very different shades of gold may appear to clash instead of harmonize.
  • Are there details on your home that can be highlighted with a contrasting or complementary color? Shutters, trim, or the front door can serve as a canvas for a punch of creative color.
  • Collect pictures that inspire you from books or magazines. Reviewing these pictures can help you narrow your focus when selecting colors.
  • Look around other neighborhoods for color inspiration, too. Make note of color schemes that catch your eye and consider their adaptability to your own home.

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