Why Two Coats of Paint Are Better Than One

When was the last time you updated the paint job on the interior or exterior of your home? If the walls are looking a little faded or dingy, it’s probably time to roll up your sleeves and take out the paint brushes. With proper preparation, set up, and two coats of paint, your home will look good as new.

Whether you’ve painted before or had the job handled professionally, you might be wondering “why two coats of paint?” Here’s why two coats of paint are the best practice when painting your home:

  • Don’t count primer! A coat of primer prepares your walls to receive the coats of paint, but it doesn’t serve the same purpose as a layer of colored paint.
  • Get rid of streaking. After one coat of paint, you will still be able to see track marks from the brush or roller being using. Two coats of paint will help to cover these streaks, as well as other markings on the walls.
  • Showcase the paint color. Two coats of paint amplifies the true appearance of the paint and helps it retain its color over time. This process deepens the color, especially with darker colors because they have less body to begin with.
  • Strengthen the layers. Physically, two coats strengthens the paint and results in more protection and durability. With only one coat applied, you may need to paint your home all over again the following year, particularly with exterior paint jobs. Applying two coats will ensure the paint holds up five times longer than one coat.
  • Save more money in the long run. While it may cost you a bit more to purchase enough extra paint to cover a room, it will ultimately save you money in the future. In time, you will have to paint less frequently. Plus, the overall outcome of the paint job will look better and more professionally done.

As a general rule, always make sure you wait until the first coat dries to apply the second coat. The experts at CertaPro Painters of Westchester, NY and Southern CT know that two coats of paint is best practice. Contact them today to learn more!