Interior Painting Projects for Fall & Winter Seasons

Its late October and here in Wisconsin we are starting to have colder nights, the fall is here and winter is rapidly approaching. This year we have been able to extend our exterior painting production schedules thanks to an unseasonably warm early fall season, but we usually move to mostly interior work by late November. In the Winter season we primarily help customers with a variety of interior projects, below are a few of the most common project types in we do through the Wisconsin winter season.

Interior Painting & Accent Wallsfixing interior trim

Home interiors generally need to be painted once every 8-10 years, painting before the holidays gives an opportunity to refresh the interior before any holiday events begin. If your looking to add some character to an area of the home, an accent wall with a different color than the rest of the room is a popular aesthetic.

Painting Interior Brick Walls

Interior brick surfaces are not all that common, but do exist in our service area of the greater Waukesha, WI area.  Most commonly interior brick is part of a fireplace or chimney that is build partially into the interior of a living area. We have done many white, gray, and tan painted fireplaces in the last few  years, these colors help modernize and brighten rooms with a brick fireplace in them. Less common, but a common feature in older construction are brick interior walls. Brick can be successfully painted and is a great way to quickly transform the look and feel of a room with an exposed interior brick wall.

Paint / Restore Kitchen Cabinetsman painting a kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are a main focal point and major contributor to the overall aesthetic of a kitchen in a home.  If you have cabinets that are built with quality materials and are still in good structural shape, painting them instead of replacing is a great option. Painting cabinets is significantly cheaper than replacement and offers a way to get an entirely new look for the kitchen space. White painted cabinets are by far the most popular choice among customers in our service area this year, but gray, and sage green are also popular choices.

Update Interior Trim

One area that often goes without proper maintenance is your trim. With something that typically doesn’t take up much space, it can be easy to let this area go. However, having a new coat of paint added to your trim can really accent and define your interior rooms.

Paint the Bedrooms

When was the last time bedrooms in your home were painted? If you have any damaged walls, outdated / faded colors, it may be time to have them painted. Guest rooms often are the most neglected when it comes to painting and may be due for an update. Winter season is still a good time to paint bedrooms, with modern no VOC paint products painting in winter is productive and safe.


If you need help with an interior painting project and have a home or business in the greater Waukesha, WI service area, we can help. Get started by setting up a free estimate appointment online.