CertaCash Rewards

CertaCash Rewards

Introducing the new CertaCash rewards program, only at CertaPro Painters® of Waukesha County. Now you can earn a $25 CertaCash rebate* for every $500 you spend with us, good toward your next qualifying interior winter project. CertaCash can be earned year-round on residential, non-discounted projects and redeemed during the redemption period, November 15th to March 15th each year.


How do I earn CertaCash?
You’ll earn $25 in CertaCash for every $500 increment you spend with CertaPro Painters® of Waukesha County, as illustrated in the table below.

CertaCash Rewards chart

Will you still be offering the regular winter discounts of up to 25% off in the winter or the 20% off the Second Coat Price as you have in the past?
No. This new program will be replacing both of those programs moving forward. If you already have a project signed with that discount, it is still valid and will be honored.

Why the switch?
Our focus is on providing extraordinary experiences for all our customers. In order to do that we need to find and retain the best talent in the painting industry. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to keep all our crews painting year-round in Wisconsin. This incentive rewards our customers for their loyalty with every project and helps us keep our painters painting.

When will I get my CertaCash rewards certificate?
Rewards certificates will be mailed annually, before the start of the redemption period, but you can get your interior estimate at any time. Just let your Residential Sales Associate know that you’d like to have your interior project completed during the winter qualifying period and use your earned CertaCash, and it will be applied to your proposal.

How do I redeem my CertaCash on a project?
Just let your Residential Sales Associate know that you’d like to use your earned CertaCash and it will be applied to the proposal of your qualifying purchase.

When can I start earning CertaCash?
CertaCash can start being earned on all projects beginning January 1, 2020, that do not have a previous discount (Winter Discounts, EzPay, etc.) already applied. Please ask your Residential Sales Associate for complete details.

What if my CertaCash certificate is lost or stolen?
No worries! We keep a record of your earned reward and can apply it to your next qualifying project. Just let your Residential Sales Associate know that you’d like to use your earned CertaCash and it will be applied to your proposal.

I’ve moved. Can I still redeem my CertaCash?
If you’ve moved within the residential sales area of the CertaPro Painters® of Waukesha County, absolutely—your CertaCash stays with you. However, if you move outside our residential sales area, it will not apply. Please contact your local independently owned and operated CertaPro® location for details on their current special offers and promotions.

Can I give my CertaCash to someone else?
CertaCash is not transferrable, but if you know someone who’s looking for painting services please refer them to us. We’ve got great referral bonuses for both of you to use on your projects. Give us a call to discuss the details with our residential team.

Can I combine my CertaCash?
Sure thing! If you complete multiple projects, either exterior projects or interior projects outside of the redemption period, we’ll stack your rewards for you. Just remember that the minimum job size of $500 applies after discounts and CertaCash not redeemed on your next qualifying project will be forfeited.

What are CertaCash Bonus Days?
CertaCash Bonus Days are specific times during the redemption period, determined by CertaPro Painters® of Waukesha County based on demand, where you can receive an extra 50-100% of your rewards to use on your qualifying project.

When are the CertaCash Bonus Days?
CertaCash Bonus Days are typically the week of Thanksgiving and between Christmas and New Year’s every year but may change based on demand. Ask your Residential Sales Associate for details about the exact dates of our Bonus Days this year.

What does it mean that the minimum job size of $500 applies after discounts?
Our standard policy that a minimum job size of $500 applies after any and all discounts this means that in order to redeem your CertaCash, or any other discount, offer, or special, you’ll need to either have a project estimated at $500 more than the reward certificate that you’re redeeming or forfeit part of your reward so that the minimum job size is met. Just add $500 to the value of your CertaCash to determine the minimum qualifying job size for each CertaCash rewards tier.

What happens if I didn’t quite reach the next tier for earning CertaCash?
If you come within $25 of the next tier, we’ll automatically round-up to the next tier for you.

Do I earn CertaCash rewards on qualifying rewards purchases?
Sorry, but you won’t earn rewards when you redeem your CertaCash.

Can I use other discounts, promotions or specials when redeeming my CertaCash on a qualifying reward?
No, while you can earn CertaCash when using some of our promotions, discounts or specials, you cannot use a discount on any projects that you also redeem your CertaCash. Ask your Residential Sales Associate if your past projects qualify.


(Now, the fine print… CertaCash rebate is in the form of a reward certificate, valid only for residential, interior projects at the CertaPro Painters® of Waukesha County office during the redeeming period of November 15, 2020 to March 15, 2021. Certificates are non- refundable, non-transferrable, and have no actual cash value. CertaCash does not expire. Any potential remaining CertaCash will be forfeited if not used on the next qualifying project. Minimum job size of $500 applies after CertaCash reward discounts, discount offers applied. of specials. Unless CertaPro otherwise Paintersnoted, ® of CertaCash Waukesha cannot County be reserves earned or the redeemed right to change on projects or cancel with this other program without notice. See our CertaCash Frequently Ask Questions portion of our website or ask your Residential Sales Associate for complete details.)