Manhattan Painters Show You How To Makeover Your Teens Room With Paint Ideas

Teens love to express themselves. Allowing a bit of freedom in their wall decor could save you many arguments in the future. With a bit of guidance from you, they can find a happy medium. Most adolescents love color and want to show that within their room. Work with their color choices like vibrant or dark by adding a neutral in with it so it’s still liveable. Plan for a 70/20/10 color plan, where 70% of the room is neutral, 20% is an accent color and 10% is trim. They will get their colors, but you’ll get yours too.

In a teen brain, colors like purple, blue, navy, orange, black and others can be toned down with a muted beige, white or gray. This compromise can create a truce within your home. Here are some ideas for your teens bedroom makeover from your local Manhattan painters from CertaPro Painters®.

Modern or Whimsical? Let Your Teen Decide

purple teen roomTeens can be very opinionated on the look of their living quarters. You are more than likely dealing with a purple situation. It’s bright and girly yet romantic and modern. When using purple, go glam with black furniture. If your daughter is more whimsical, try white furniture and curtains. If she hasn’t chosen purple, it maybe pink. While the color can seem childish, there are tons of options that are more grown. Try a rich salmon pink paired with green, purple or yellow. Use minimalist furniture with a metallic feel for a teen room, versus a child-like feel.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Dies

Kids Room in a Manhattan CondoSome teens are influenced by teams and bands. Chances are their choice will fall in orange, blue or green. Working with these colors is easy if you use a brown base and pair with the bright color as an accent. Cobalt, burnt orange or jade works great with warm brown. These choices will last far beyond graduation day.






Lighten Up With These Colors

Kids' Room PaintingSome teens may surprise you and request lighter shades. Mix these pastels with fabrics and accessories that include brighter, more grown up colors. This will take the room from baby nursery colors to grown and mature. Use soft blues and greens or navy and gray to update the room to the latter.




Just a Touch of Color

paint your wallsMany teens are looking for drama to express themselves. Rather than paint a whole room in an overly bright color, try adding an accent wall. Another option is to add decals to walls. These adhesives will create a new look without causing damage to the walls. Plus, decals are budget friendly so when your teen decides they need a new look, you won’t break the bank.




Find A Compromise With This Ides

black wall for teenEvery parent has an argument over black. Instead of fighting with your youth, consider giving in on just one wall, preferably one you can’t see from the door. This should be enough compromise to keep both sides appeased. As an alternative option, try a black chalkboard paint. This way your teen can decorate it as they see fit, while still getting a black wall.




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