21 May 2022

Home Office: Boosting Productivity with Paint

Working from home has become the new normal. Work has switched from cubicles in an office to designated spaces in home. It is no secret that working from home can be monotonous, though. Endless hours staring at a screen in a place that feels like home is not a recipe for success. A home office paintRead the full article

18 April 2022

Paint Colors to Make a Room Feel Bigger

Small spaces often pose the biggest challenges when it comes to interior design and decor. And living in the Upper West Side is all about small places! Rather than going through the trouble of finding out what color works best for a particular room, most people just paint it white. But that doesn’t have toRead the full article

29 March 2022

3 Essential Condo Painting Services

Condo or apartment living used to mean one thing for certain: white walls. It was easiest to update and refresh between tenants so apartment owners opted for the color. Thankfully, those days are gone. Now, condo and apartment owners can paint their walls whatever their wildest dreams can think up. When you go into aRead the full article

01 March 2022

Best Interior Painters: Reviews from Across the Web

There is little more important than good reviews when hiring an interior painters. With so many review websites available across the web, however, it is easy to get lost. Our painting team has made the journey into our reviews as easy and accessible as possible by compiling them all into this one list. Here, youRead the full article

30 January 2022

How to Find the Best Manhattan Painters

It can be incredibly stressful to paint the interior of your apartment. With the busy lifestyle most Manhattan residents have, this endeavor is even more stressful than usual. Finding the best Manhattan painters is an essential step to getting the finish of your dreams. However, finding the right painters can be hard with so manyRead the full article

03 January 2022

How to Paint Your Condo While Having a Busy Schedule

Last year was a whirlwind of making good memories, overcoming hardships, and connecting with loved ones. As we enter in 2022, there are no signs of slowing down. With the ample amount of time spent indoors the last two years, though, it is likely that it is time for your condo to receive a paintRead the full article

28 October 2021

Best Paint Colors for Your Home

We have all spent an ample amount of time at home this year. If it has taught us anything (besides the importance of face-to-face interaction, it is that our homes could use a bit of freshening up. Now that winter is right around the corner, it is the perfect time to take action. What colorRead the full article

26 September 2021

Why Choose Leisa Lundy and CertaPro Painters®?

It is a big decision to paint the interior of your home. There is a lot of work and even more decisions that go into the interior painting process. For new homeowners or for those that haven’t gone through this process multiple times, the prospect can seem overwhelming. However, the right interior painting company canRead the full article

15 July 2021

Manhattan Painters Show You How To Makeover Your Teens Room With Paint Ideas

Teens love to express themselves. Allowing a bit of freedom in their wall decor could save you many arguments in the future. With a bit of guidance from you, they can find a happy medium. Most adolescents love color and want to show that within their room. Work with their color choices like vibrant orRead the full article

28 June 2021

Why You Should Do Drywall Repair Before Painting

Drywall Repair can be the first step in transforming the interior of your home. Picture and shelf removals, water damage, and unplanned holes and cracks can wreak havoc on your walls, requiring the right touch to properly bring them back to their previous condition. The repairs can be a bit trickier than one may initiallyRead the full article