What to Expect When Getting a Painting Estimate

Getting an estimate is the first step to hiring a painting crew. Many times our customers ask us questions about how the estimate process works and what they should expect on the day of the estimate. This below guild walks through how we handle the estimation process.

Painting companies strive to set expectations with an estimate appointment.  Different companies use different estimate processes and techniques, so your experience may vary if you get quotes from more than one painter.

Booking a painting estimate

Chances are, you will have to book an appointment to meet with a company representative a day to a few days before your appointment. Look to hear from the company shortly after you submit for an estimate. This is to gather additional information about your job and give the estimator as much information as possible.

On the day of the appointment

The first interaction with a representative of the painting company should set the tone for working with them. Look for respectful and professional responses to questions as well as respect for your time. Overall, look for a punctual appointment, professional attire and knowledgeable answers.

Secondly, your estimator should arrive prepared for the appointment. This means you shouldn’t have to lend out measuring tapes, ladders or any other items necessary.

Explaining your paint project

Upon meeting you, the estimator should follow common courtesy rules. Most painting estimators at least offer to add boot covers to avoid tracking dirt into your home. Some remove their shoes for the same reason.

Your estimator should lead the conversation through active listening. You will have an opportunity to show the representative the room and discuss your wants. Afterward, the estimator will offer questions to understand the full scope of the work you’re looking for. Be sure to voice any further questions or concerns for answers.

After the appointment, you will most likely be left with brochures and information on the company. At the very least expect a business card or contact information.

Review the painting materials and process

While you have the estimator, ask questions to educate yourself on the products, materials and techniques involved for your project. You should know about the repairs and products being used to complete your work. This includes knowledge, even if general, of the type, grade, finish and brand of paints.

Ask about the steps of your work including prepping, priming, setting, removing, painting and cleaning. Estimators are happy to offer you a brief walk through of the steps of the process. Working with actively involved homeowners makes the project easier all around.

Delivering the paint estimate

Either at the end of the estimate appointment or the next day or two, you should look for a formal and written estimate. This will include sections with separate costs for materials and labor. The estimate should have a total costs and more than likely will include a payment schedule and directions to book with this professional for the job.

After the Estimate

Once you have received your estimate, you’ll hear from the estimator again. This is usually a thank you email or message and further information on how to book the job.

Before signing any contracts, make sure you are comfortable with the company and the scope of work they are providing for you. This all starts with the estimator. If anything feels off, move to the next options.

Schedule an Estimate

Our team is happy to offer estimates to our clients to discuss your painting project. Schedule your estimate appointment today.