Turn Walls And Ceilings Into A Statement With Interior Painting Projects

accent wall painted bedroomIts common that when we meet with customers to discuss color options they approach projects with single colors for each room in mind. While this is the most common way to paint a room, there are creative options available to make a creative statement that can really bring a room’s aesthetic together. Here are few cool and creative ideas to consider when looking for something a little different for your interior painting project.


Stripes are more common than waves, but the process is the same. Use complementary colors and painters tape while painting to create a defined shape. Wave patterns can also be done freehand (if you have a steady hand).


Pick a color that contrasts your wall to create a visual installation. Forget patterns and symbols. Don’t be too specific. Put the colors up in a random mish mash that is pleasing to your eye. Think of uneven and intersecting lines, or a burst of color from the center of the wall.


Painters tape is really useful to create a straight border between two colors. Have you thought of using for other reasons? Rip uneven edges into the tape lengthwise to create a variety of unique lines and designs. The torn tape will give you a ragged edge and a creative paint job.


Personalize your space with statements of typography. Paint a monogram on the wall for the kids’ rooms. Use a quote or phrase to establish your mantra for the room. Pick something that speaks to you and remind yourself of it daily by putting it on the wall. Define spaces in your office with letters or numbers. It’s dual purpose – aesthetically pleasing, and directions where to go.


Stripes are timeless and well received. They also offer a variety of looks. Go wide, thin, mix them, different directions, it’s up to you. The possibilities of stripes are literally endless. Two colors is a great choice, but don’t limit yourself. Highlight colors on a dark wall creates a rich effect.


A variation of stripes, chevron is an easy and effective way to stylize a wall. Coordinate your color with the room or choose an accent that works with current pieces in the space. It’s a great accent wall, or try to connect the chevron across two adjacent walls.


No matter where you look, you cannot escape ombre. This style offers a lot of flexibility and style without being too specific. A stripe or chevron needs to be very precise, where an ombre is simpler. There are no rules with ombre, other than light to dark. Make a bold choice and take your ombre sideways or upside down.


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