Concrete Floor Painting for Basement Floors in Tysons, VA

Update the look and improve the functionality of your basement floor

Our Service area includes:

Tysons – Dunn Loring – Falls Church – McLean – Vienna

Most homes in Virginia have basements with concrete floors. Homeowners with unfinished basement spaces often use the area for storage, workshops, laundry rooms. An effective way to improve the look and functionality of the space is to paint or epoxy coat the basement floor.

Coating floors offer a number of benefits including:

  • Easier to clean
  • Water resistance
  • Better aesthetics
  • Can make the room appear bigger than it is


Applying either paint or epoxy to a basement floor requires detailed prep work. Concrete floors are usually passed over with a commercial grade floor grinder and then thoroughly cleaned prior to applying any products. This is a necessary and important step in the process to ensure the paint or epoxy can adhere to the floor properly. Inadequate prep can result if failures of the paint or epoxy and cause it to peel up.

before and after basement floor painting project