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How much does it cost to paint the exterior of my home?

An exterior paint job does so much more than make your exterior look beautiful, the paint creates a layer of protection between your substrate and the elements outside. Maintaining your home through paint also shows that you want to protect your investment and set a good foot forward in the neighborhood. Since your home is a valuable asset, you’ll want to protect the investment. As with other large purchases, paint is no different – you get what you pay for. When you are seeking a painter to provide care for your house, you’ll want to discuss elements of the job like repairs, longevity, and warranties.

Each home and job is different and require a customized plan to address issues and repairs that might be necessary. Particular color changes could require priming or multiple coatings. To give you an idea of the cost, we have provided examples of costs to paint homes in this area. These are not hard-fast numbers and a custom estimate is your best approach, but this guide will get you started. The pricing examples below include power washing all surfaces being painted, various prep work and a quality exterior latex paint.

Here are some areas to consider that impact pricing when painting your home:

Condition – Any surfaces that require extra preparation or care could drive up the cost of the painting. This includes peeling paint, gaps in frames, repairs of rot, etc.

Surfaces – If your home is a victim of dry boards, bare brick or stucco, your job could require extra coatings. Surfaces with roughness or grooves like siding can also slow down the work.

Style and Height – If your home is set on a lot that includes steep hills or challenging areas to get to, you could end up paying more. High gables, multiple stories and other difficult areas cost more because of the challenge to reach them.

Colors – More colors means more detail work. This all adds up to more time on site for the painters. The more colors you require, the more materials and time are required for application.

Additional inclusions – Do your windows need maintenance or trim painting? Are you including a deck or screened porch that could need both interior and exterior work?