13 October 2021

Pre-Holiday Painting Projects: 4 Tips To Get Started

So why not start the planning process now? Certapro painters can help you with all your interior painting projects to prepare your home for the holidays.

28 September 2021

Indoor Painting for the Holidays

The year has flown by and it’s time to start planning for the holidays. Get started with indoor painting to spruce up your indoors before holiday guests and invitations arrive. This will allow your fall and winter decor to take center stage with freshly painted walls. There is a season full of holiday excitement rightRead the full article

26 August 2021

The Most Popular Interior Paint Color in Minnesota

Minnesota gets a fair amount of snow every year, which might have some bearing on white being the most popular interior paint color in the state. No matter the reason, painting your interior white paint is timeless and clean. For the fall, here’s the way to incorporate the most popular interior paint color in MinnesotaRead the full article

26 July 2021

Estimate for Painting from CertaPro Painters Cost Inclusions

Getting an estimate for a painting project can be very overwhelming, not to mention the big number typically included on the bottom line. It’s enough to convince you DIY might be ok. Knowing exactly what that estimate means can allow homeowners to make an informed decision. An estimate for painting from CertaPro Painters cost inclusionsRead the full article

28 June 2021

Benefits of Working with CertaPro Painters

Choosing a painting crew from the listings online or a mailer you received can leave you wondering if you’ve made the right choice. Flashy emails and wrapped cars are standard in the neighborhoods surrounding the Twin Cities areas. So why choose CertaPro Painters as your Twin Cities Painters? Here are the reasons: Locals When youRead the full article

27 May 2021

How often should you paint an exterior of your home

There is no one standard answer to the question how often should I paint an exterior of my home. Every home is unique so you will need to assess your house to make an accurate decision. However, we can offer these standard questions to ask yourself when deciding if it’s time to give the exteriorRead the full article

26 April 2021

Why You Should Consider Exterior Paint this Spring

With winter finally wrapping up, spring is just around the corner. As we all head outdoors, now is the time to consider your home’s look. If your home is calling out for help with damaged paint or a dull look, here’s why you should consider exterior paint of your home this spring. Stress Free SummerRead the full article

22 December 2020

Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter With These 5 Paint Colors

One of the best parts of winter is embracing all the cozy things. Soft sweaters, warm seasonal coffees, and even homey paint colors. Winter is the perfect time of year to take care of any interior home projects on your list. If you need interior painting services, our team of local CertaPro Painters®️ can workRead the full article

10 November 2020

5 Signs You Should Paint Your Warehouse

Warehouses and similar facilities are often exposed to abuse on the walls and floors. Wear and tear on these spaces is so much more than a home or restaurant. Just like other buildings, warehouses need maintenance to keep them in good condition and looking their best. Here are 5 signs you should paint your warehouse.Read the full article

15 October 2020

Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets (and for Cabinet Painters)

Kitchens are one of the most costly rooms to renovate. This is partially due to the number of appliances plus the often custom cut cabinetry. Replacing cabinets will set you back thousands, plus the mess in your kitchen. Instead of replacing, CertaPro Painters of Twin Cities East can paint kitchen cabinets for a refreshed look.Read the full article