Tacoma Painters Can Provide Solutions: What to do when you find mold in your home

Uncovering mold in your home is never pleasant, especially if you want to start working on some home renovations. Keep reading to find out how to deal with the source of the mold problem and which techniques are best to tackle mold. Tacoma Painters from CertaPro Painters can provide guidance and solutions that keep you and your family safe.

Don’t Just Clean The Mold Kill The Mold

Interior Paint Walk ThroughGet to the source of the problem and identify which type of mold you have. Not only will the mold not disappear but it will get much worse if you don’t find the source of what’s causing it. Black mold is the most dangerous type and can cause several health problems.




Natural And Chemical Free Cleaners

Dining Room PaintingClean to get rid of the mold. Vinegar can be an effective solution when it comes to getting rid of mold. It is a popular choice because it usually does work, and it is also natural and chemical free. However, you may want to consider purchasing mold cleaners and removers. Do your research and find out which cleaner would work best for you and your home. Stay away from ammonia-based products as these can actually make the mold spread.



How To Remove The Mold Safely

Exterior paint preparationDo not sand over the mold. This will create mold particles that you will then inhale which can potentially be very dangerous to your health. If it absolutely needs to be sanded, then be sure to call a professional to handle it. Purchase the correct paint. Once you know the source and have taken care of it it’s time to paint. You will need mold killing paint in order to get rid of the existing mold.



Keep An Eye On Your Mold Problem

If you have done all of the above steps but still have stubborn mold spots that aren’t coming off, then use a mold sealant before painting. This will seal in any remaining mold as long as there is not a huge amount of it. Lastly, always remember to keep checking for signs of mold even if you think the problem is gone. If the job turns out to be more than you want to take on, contact a Tacoma painter from CertaPro Painters for a free in-home estimate.