Tacoma Exterior House Painters Share Colors for Exterior Trim for the Perfect Finish

Picking a color for your exterior was hard enough. Now you need to address the trim and begin the process all over again. Choosing a trim doesn’t have to be tedious. Here are colors for exterior trim for the perfect finish from your local Tacoma exterior house painters

Contrasts Colors For That Perfect Finish

Contrast TrimTo begin with, decide if you want your trim to stand out as a design element, or blend in. Either option is a viable choice, depending on your style. To blend the colors together, choose a similar shade to the exterior color you’ve picked. It should not be the same color, but far enough off to read as a separate shade. It should be a few shades apart and in the same color family. This will give your house a thought-out, finished look.

To go with high contrast, you will need a color wheel. Colors directly across from each other are complementary and high contrast pairs. If your house color is in the green family, your high contrast choices are in the reds. If the main color is blue, trim it in orange.

Black is always an option for a high contrast look. It will pair with any color you choose and works as a neutral, high contrast and safe color choice for any home style.

Monochromatic and Multiple Finishes

gray trimAn easy way to pull a home’s palette together is to work within one color family. Use the same color with varying finishes according to use. Use an exterior in matte gray for the majority of your home, pair it with a glossy gray for shutters and doors.




Neutral Paint Can Provide Balance

bright trimNeutrals are another way to bring in another color on your home’s exterior without jarring the eyes. Pick a bright primary color, then pair it with a greige or olive color for trim. The natural color will tone down the bright color and work well together.



Bright And Vivid Paint Colors

bright colored trimIf neutral is not for you, but you’re scared of an all-over bright commitment, try this. Paint your home a neutral color on the walls. Pick a vivid color that works with it for your shutters, bricks, door, etc. Bright red or black doors are known to get more money at the closing table.




Your Paint Should Reflect Your Personality

Damaged stucco repairEven when you’re preparing to sell your house, it’s still yours. Pick colors that appeal to you and make you happy with your house. You should feel happy to come home to it, no matter what sales charts say.





Ready to get started?

Paint contractor inspecting workOur professionals are not only here to help with the painting, but we have color consultants that are happy to lend a hand with color choices and options. Schedule a free, in-home estimate with your local Tacoma exterior house painters today.