Should I Paint my House?

Painting your house provides so much more than aesthetics. Paint is the first defense for your home against the elements, crawly invaders and more. Don’t let it go unprotected by procrastinating. You could end up with much more costly repairs. So if you’re asking should I paint my house? Here are several signs to look for.


The first thing you will see in your exterior of your home will be small imperfections. They mightCompleted Exterior Painting Project seem like minor issues, but if left unattended they could result in costly repairs. Look for things like bubbles, flakes and cracks. Also if mold or rot is showing up, there could be issues with drainage you need to address. Once the water gets into your paint, the home will no longer be protected with its first line of defense.

Faded Paint

Not only does faded paint just look bad, it harkens more bad news to come. This is especially important if the paint isn’t fading evenly. There could be damage under the paint causing the fading. It’s something that should be addressed by a professional contractor. If the paint is more evenly faded, there’s a good chance you are just reaching the end of your paint’s lifecycle. Replacement is the only way to add protection to your house, and be the envy of the block.

Hardened Caulk Around Windows

During each spring or summer you should go over the entire exterior of your home as a yearly maintenance. Beyond looking for the cracks and bubbling, foundation issues and any new things that showed up over winter. It’s important to check windows and caulk around them. This will let you head off any nasty drafts or moisture getting in the wall. If the caulk is hardened, or cracked, it’s time to replace it. It could also signal time to consider painting as well.

Curb Appeal

If it’s time to sell your home, an exterior painting could be a good way to get a higher asking price. Increased curb appeal makes your home stand out to potential buyers. Talk to your realtor and get an estimate to see if the cost of the job is outweighed by the appraisal.

When did you last paint?

Exterior painting is a big job, and if it was done somewhat recently, you’ll remember the details. Chances are if the dates escape you, it’s probably time to do it again. Exterior paint will only protect against the elements for as long as it’s cared for. Here is how often homes need painted, by exterior.

Wood siding – 5-7 years, or sooner if it is stained.
Aluminum siding – 5 years.
Stucco homes – every 5-6 years.
Homes with newer materials, like cement fiberboard siding – 10+ years.
Brick – occasional cleaning, if it’s not painted. Painted brick – 15 years.


Should you find any of this on your home, or are not sure if it’s time to paint, call the pros at CertaPro Painters can give you a free, in-home estimate.