Exterior Painting: House Painting in Fall

Considering a fall exterior paint job, but worried about weather? Don’t. Most climates offer the perfect painting weather into fall. The thermometer isn’t too hot or cold, and the humidity is fairly low. Here’s what you need to know about exterior painting: house painting in fall.


Most of the country experiences more moderate temperatures in the fall. This means the heat of summer has waned but the cold of winter has yet to set in. This allows the application process to be easier and more comfortable for crews. The drying process is actually better in fall than in spring, when the humidity returns.


Fall offers the perfect weather as far as precipitation. With the exception of the off chance storms, our crews can work efficiently with little chance of wet weather getting in the way of work. Since your home needs to be dry to begin work, the drier season allows our crews to come in and get started.


Again, if you have wooden elements around your home that require any repairs, your house must be dry to complete them. Since we are not working with moisture and dew points are more conducive to work, the repairs will not only be quicker, but also dry quicker. Caulking around window frames or filling cracked stucco during wet and humid months adds quite a bit of dry time to the project. In fall, we just don’t experience the wetness in the air to inhibit drying.


Since most homeowners save exterior painting projects during the spring and summer, you’ll get your crew on site more quickly. We have crews ready to begin projects without the lag of several weeks during the summer. Our estimators can give you an idea of the time frame for exterior paint jobs. They will also be able to advise you on how far into fall the crews can paint for our area.

If you’re ready to paint the exterior of your home but worried about the fall season, don’t be! Our crews are experienced in working in this area in the fall. Schedule your free, in-home estimate today to get started.