Painted Kitchen Ideas – Give your Space a New Look with Creative Colors

Let the experts at CetraPro Painters® of Northwest Florida bring your kitchen to life!

No matter how posh the rest of your home is, doesn’t it always seem like everyone ends up in the kitchen? Give the most-used room in your home the makeover it deserves without the prospect of expensive cabinets. Here are five new painted kitchen ideas to give your space a new look with creative colors.



Pick a neutral color you like for your cabinets, then get to work painting them. With a little perseverance and a weekend, you can completely makeover your room. To really update the look for a sleek outcome, match the cabinets and hardware on them. Black on black or silver on grey can make an upscale monotone statement the whole neighborhood will be jealous of.





Even if you are nowhere near the water, bring the nautical feel into your kitchen. Pick a heritage blue to make the kitchen feel warm, regal and timeless. The blue is neutral enough to not take away from the kitchen, but bring a pop of unexpected color.





Candy Coated
Miss the days of the bubblegum shop? Bring it into your kitchen. Pick from a myriad of candy colored pastels. Really feeling confident? Why not paint each kitchen chair a different candy hue. This works best with a pale kitchen in need of fun.


Bright Pops

So tired of white? Pick one focal point in the room and go really wild with it. Bright orange walls can update your kitchen and bring it on trend without the purchase of cabinets or furniture. Consider a few matching items around the room to really tie it all together.




Same Shade

If you feel a color really speaks to you, go for it. An entirely grey kitchen, cabinets and counters, works really well with neutral floors and walls. From there, either go big with a table of color, or continue on with your monotone look.