Kitchen Cabinet Color Inspiration

Cabinets are a main focal point in your kitchen. Since they are high touch, high impact pieces, use often takes a toll on them in addition to styles changing. Replacing cabinets can be messy and costly. Instead, consider updating your kitchen by painting your cabinets. To get your inspiration, here are the top kitchen cabinet colors for Southwest Florida.

Pale Blue

When paired with light wooden floors, pale blue is a stylish and modern look while still creating some depth with color. Use some golden hardware and you’ll have a kitchen ready for a magazine shoot.


Use a shade of pink that is less bubble gum, and more subtle feminine. Pinks that use a yellow base paired with brass hardware will create a kitchen sanctuary that the whole party will want to hang out in.

Soft Gray

Soft gray works well with busier counters, like marble and granite. The neutral color is more interesting than harsh black or white and creates a classy look without adding more color and making your kitchen feel busy. Try gold hardware or black accents to complete the look.

Dark Green

A surprising but successful color for cabinets is deep, dark green. This works really well with white counters and black accents, creating a chic and unique look.

Navy Blue

Go coastal with a vibrant navy blue. Create an elegant and timeless look with blue cabinets, white walls and sparse counters.


You cannot go wrong with black, even when it comes to cabinets. Paint your kitchen cabinets black if your kitchen has lighter floors and backsplashes. This creates depth and style while hiding messes.


White cabinets can be intimidating when it comes to kitchens, since messes abound. With good finish choices, you cabinets will be easily managed. White creates an open and bright room that is clean and fresh. As an added benefit, white is timeless and goes with nearly any pairings.

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