Desert Heat and Exterior Painting

Las Vegas house painting is a specialty in its own. The desert creates a harsh environment for both painters, and paint. While painting your home in the desert should be kept to cooler months, what if it has to be done? Here’s what you need to know to have your home painted during the summer in the desert.

When planning with your house painters, there are a few things to consider for your job. Here are several questions to talk over with your Las Vegas house painting company to get the best possible outcome.


When the weather is hot, working out of the sunny times is ideal. Your painting contractor may ask to begin work early in the morning or later in the evenings. Avoiding the hottest part of the day will provide refuge for the painters and allow the paint to cure. If the paint dries too fast, it can result in bubbles or cracks in the finish. To avoid that, cooler temperatures are needed during drying time.


Talk about preparations to your home before the painting begins. Short dry times mean that the surface must be completely clear of imperfections or they will show through the paint. Having a completely sanded and prepped area will create a better drying area for the paint.


Most professional painters will know the technique of spray and back rolling. Dry rolling leaves lap marks in the quickly drying paint creating lines and unevenness. By combining with a spray, the marks are removed and paint will dry more even.

With these recommendations you can get a great paint outcome, while the weather is less than cooperative. Heat is hard on a paint job, but it can be accomplished with an expert painter.