Basic House Paint Color Schemes

Learn the Color Basics for House Painting Ideas

cp_web_buttons_red_letters_aFind the existing dominant color that you like, or wish to keep, in the room or on the house. On an exterior, this could be the color of the brick or stone, pre-finished windows, or roof. For an interior, it could be the color of your sofa, your flooring, or your window coverings.
cp_web_buttons_red_letters_bDetermine what kind of feeling you wish to have in the room or on the home. Warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow or beige, can create an invigorating mood or add cozy intimacy to large spaces. They can help warm up a room that has northern or eastern exposure. Blues, greens, violets or grays, the cool colors, give a serene feeling and can add spaciousness to small places. The balance between light colors and deep colors should also be considered when choosing your house paint colors.
cp_web_buttons_red_letters_cConsider how complex a color scheme you wish to undertake. There are three main color schemes to choose from.