Small Paint Projects with Big Impact

Before the sun of summer passes us by, take some time to paint a quick project for a big change to your curb appeal These projects will take an afternoon to take your frown to a smile with a gallon of paint. Here are some small paint projects with big impact.

Bench Beautification

Benches give porches a welcoming and friendly feeling. Add one to your front porch on a budget by upcycling. Find a low cost bench at a garage sale or thrift store that needs a face lift. Get creative when it comes to color and style. Adding a stencil or design that coordinates with your house colors or the flora around it can make your front yard feel pulled together.

Lighten up Lanterns

More owners are travelling to thrift stores and swap meets to find unique picks and give them life again. Lamp bases are commonly found in the wares with patches of chipping metal and rust. Use a sander or brush to remove the rust and loose pieces, then go wild with a color. Beyond black and white, try metallic, bright and vivid colors for a pop of fun to welcome you home.

Done Up Dresser

Drawer space is always a welcomed addition to a home. Whether it lives in the hallway or bedroom, hiding messes away is necessary. Add a statement piece to your foyer with a brightly colored, upcycled dresser for storing additional linens and sheets for guests. Successful crafters will tell you to make sure you sand and clean your dresser thoroughly.

Bright Bookcase

Bookcases create an air of aristocracy in any room. Take the stuffiness down a notch by adding a new color to a boring wood. As a stylish approach, consider a peek-a-boo look by painting only the back of the book case. The color will show over the books with a less abrasive look than painting the entirety of the book case. But if that’s what you’re into, go for broke.

Additional Art

Another easy thrift find is artwork in frames or empty picture frames. Scoop some up and think beyond neutrals. Create a gallery in an empty hallway by painting the frames a matching color. Try a bright blue or yellow to bring happiness to a dark space. This works especially well with framed photos of family in different styles and shapes with matching color.

Lame Laundry

Laundry rooms are less than fun places. Try decorating the room with fun colors and functionality. Colorful shelves and hooks give you a place for all of your tools surrounded by an uplifting hue. Chores aren’t so bad when you can get everything you need and look at a lovely color at the same time.

What summer painting project are you working on?