07 October 2019

Small Paint Projects with Big Impact

Before the sun of summer passes us by, take some time to paint a quick project for a big change to your curb appeal These projects will take an afternoon to take your frown to a smile with a gallon of paint. Here are some small paint projects with big impact. Bench Beautification Benches giveRead the full article

09 September 2019

Paint to make a Small Room Look Larger

A trick of the eye can make tiny rooms feel larger with some simple hacks. Strategically chosen and placed colors can make walls longer, ceilings higher and rooms bigger. Here’s how to paint to make a small room look larger. Whether it’s a simple color you are looking for, or an intricate pattern, you canRead the full article

12 August 2019

Questions to Ask at Your Painting Estimate

Hiring a contractor can be a very intimidating prospect. Knowing what to look for before will help you feel more confident with your choice in professional. You’ll have some questions to ask at your painting estimate, but here are a few more to get you started. How long has the painting company been in business?Read the full article

05 June 2019

How to Paint an Outdoor Concrete Patio

Builders lean toward concrete for outdoor patios because they are an easy alternative to decking. They stand up to the elements, and are easy to install. But they are boring. Dress up your concrete patio with paint. It’s a project that can be accomplished by a homeowner over a weekend and make a dramatic changeRead the full article

25 March 2019

Inexpensive Garage Makeover Ideas That Are Cheap to Complete

Take your tossed around rakes and tools, clean them up and create a garage to be proud of. Many of us hide the shame of a mess and dust between the garage door and door to the house, but there is no need. Create a space that works for your needs and looks great withRead the full article

15 February 2019

Paint Your Walls to Change Your Mood, and the Science to Prove It

It’s reported that pink lessens aggression, blue gives tranquility, and white gives a clinical cleanliness. It’s time to paint your walls to change your mood, and here’s the science to prove it does. A paint company in Australia partnered with a VR company and a team of psychologists with some neuroscientists to explore what colorsRead the full article