Inexpensive Garage Makeover Ideas That Are Cheap to Complete

Take your tossed around rakes and tools, clean them up and create a garage to be proud of. Many of us hide the shame of a mess and dust between the garage door and door to the house, but there is no need. Create a space that works for your needs and looks great with these inexpensive garage makeover ideas that are cheap to complete.

Clear the clutter


First, clear the clutter. Seek out storage options for the items housed in your garage. Try some magnetic storage panels for tools and hooks for bikes or garden tools. Your items will stay in sight without being in a pile.


Workbenches are available in a fold down option. By mounting a bracket to the wall, the bench can be stowed away against the wall, opening up the space. Or bring it down to have a work surface.


Add shelving units to hold totes, boxes or crates in an easy to get to fashion. They will provide a place to store and clean up the garage floor space. Racks to slide boxes into have become more commonly used in recent years. They utilize the ceiling space to store items.

Upgrade the garage


Garage walls are the victims of a lot of scuffs, dings and holes. Because of the nature of the room, walls in a garage are often damaged. Fix them once and for all with putty, sanding and a good paint job. Priming will be important to cover any stains on the walls and give you a good finish. Choose a satin finish paint for the walls. It will provide a washable and durable surface that won’t be shiny.


If you are putting all of this effort into your garage, why not take the time to give the ceiling a new coat of paint. Tape off the garage door or any storage you have put up and get a new coat of color onto the ceiling.


Garage floors have come so far. Cover your oil stained bare concrete with an epoxy-based color. Now, there are effects and patterns among the colors that can be put down. The floor will resist chipping, oil and grease stains, beads water and will wipe up similar to a kitchen counter. They are durable enough for under a car and attractive enough to finish the room.