Choosing the Best Paint Color for Your Closet

You may not be concerned about what shade you are going to paint your closet, but you should be! It may seem unnecessary, but it can actually go a long way in making your home look completely finished and give it that pulled together look. For ideas on how to paint your closets keep reading.

Go for light, neutral shades. – Dark shades will look dingy and need to be touched up more often. Closets tend to take a lot of wear and tear so it’s better to go for a light neutral color. White, off white, gray, or tan are all good options. Lighter shades will also help reflect light better which is perfect for dark spaces such as closets.

If you have a large closet you probably want to give it a cozier feel. You can do this by choosing a darker neutral. If you take this route, make sure there is plenty of lighting.

Paint the closet walls the same color as the bedroom walls. – This creates a seamless, classy look.

Choose the perfect finish. – Satin and semi-gloss finishes work best for closets because they are easy to clean. If shoes are going in this closet, there is undoubtedly going to be scuff marks, dirt and dust.

Use Primer. – Don’t skip the primer just because it’s the closet. Primer ensures that the paint adheres to the wall correctly and you won’t have to repaint it as often.

Bright Paint Colors

Most closets have doors which make the closets their own distinct spaces. This allows the homeowner to have freedom when choosing the paint color inside the closet. It can be unique and fun to paint the closet a bright, vibrant color. This will spark interest and make your closet space more glamorous looking.

Paint the Closet Shelves

If you do not want to take the time to paint the entire closet, at least consider painting the shelves. You can do any color you want, and this will make the space look more put together and chic.