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How Much Will It Cost to Paint the Exterior of My Home?

You’re ready to start painting the outside of your home, and you’re looking for a professional to do the project for you. However, you think to yourself how much it could cost you and are worried about wasting your time getting an estimate for a project if it turns out to be too pricey. We all want someone to handle our homes with professionalism, and who can get the job done efficiently, but inexpensively.

Our company prides itself on being transparent with our customers, giving you an option that you can trust. Every project estimate can vary, due to the extensive details a project could have, whether it be prep work, repairs, or a paint color change. Below are estimated ranges for our common exterior projects.

One-Story Trim

Estimate Range
$2000 - $3000

Two-Story Trim

Estimate Range
$2500 - $3500

One-Story Trim and Siding

Estimate Range
$5000 - $6000

One-Story Trim and Siding (2 Colors)

Estimate Range
$5500 - $7500

Two-Story Trim and Siding

Estimate Range
$6500 - $8500

Two-Story Trim and Siding (2 Colors)

Estimate Range
$7000 - $9000

Factors that affect exterior painting prices:

The prices published here are only averages, and some things might affect the price from these ballpark estimates, such as:

-The number of surfaces we’ll be painting will affect the price. For example, will we be painting your trim? Shingles? Decks? Clapboards?

-The conditions of the surfaces we’ll be painting make a difference in preparation cost. If there are lots of dings, scratches, and holes, we’ll need to add more labor time to your quote to fill and sand them.

-Is there rotted wood that needs replacement before we paint? We have carpenters on staff to replace the rotted wood you may have on your Montana-area home. Paint cannot be applied over rotted wood surfaces because the moisture in the rotted wood will cause the paint to degrade very quickly, usually within a few months of painting.

-The height of your home is a factor because painting a first and second story is easier than painting a third or fourth story. High areas that require intricate ladder moves to reach will require more labor as well.

-Will you be changing colors? If you’re changing the color of your exterior to something much darker or much lighter, it will require more coats of paint to cover over the old color. In general, we quote projects with 1-2 coats of paint if they are the same or a similar color to the surface paint we’ll be covering. If we’re painting your exterior a different color altogether (i.e. changing the clapboard color from brown to beige) We’ll need to apply a tinted primer coat first and then 2-3 top coats in order to get good coverage and not have the old color seep through the new color.

-One thing that won’t affect your price is our free, in-home designer who will help you choose exterior colors that work in your neighborhood and town, while also allowing your home to look unique and “put-together.” This is a free service once you choose us as your painter.

Sometimes Clients have us give a quote for painting their entire exterior, but then choose to paint just the trim.  This is fine, but understand that since the original price included one trip charge, and if you want to break up the project in stages, it will include multiple trip charges.  This is why “bundling” the whole house and painting it at once is much less expensive than doing each exterior area piecemeal.